Chapter 15- Sankalpa : 6

 6. The State Of Nissankalpa

With the extinction of the base Sankalpas, there is the extinction of Avidya and its effect, mind.

Sankalpa is pain.

Nissankalpa is all bliss.

Sit alone in a solitary room.

Close the eyes.

Watch the mind and destroy the Vrittis one by one by continuous, energetic efforts.

Asamprajnata Samadhi will ensue.

If, with the extinction of the pain-producing Sankalpas, the mind also is destroyed, then will the thick frost of Moha (delusion) affecting you from remote periods dissipate itself.

Then, like an unobscured sky in the autumnal season, Brahmam alone will shine resplendent, blissful, imperishable, non-dual, formless and without birth and death.

When your thoughts, which are now dispersed, shall be collected together and you will remain in a state of repose, then the eternally happy Atma will shine forth as the reflection of the sun is seen in a clear surface of water.

Peace is not in money, woman or eating.

When the mind becomes desireless and thoughtless, Atma  shines and sheds forth eternal bliss and peace.

Why do you search in vain for happiness in objects outside?

Search within for bliss in the subjective, Sat-Chit-Ananda - Amrita Atma - ( PARAMATMA ).

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued ....