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"The process of detaching oneself away from the unreal and attaching oneself to the Real is the process of Self-Perfection.":-----------------------------------------------------------------------/1. And this technique can be put into practice efficiently only by one who has trained his mind and intellect to run in a direction willed by himself.2.  If  one who sits up to contemplate upon the glories and beauties of God, allows his mind in his seat of meditation to run off the rails, to ramble into other trackless fields of wayside  bushes, his spiritual pilgrimage shall end only in sad disaster.Concentration:-3. The capacity to keep the mind controlled and to cause it a flow in a chosen direction, called concentration, is gained by aspirants in their devotion at the feet of the Idol or through their deeds and pondering over significances and the internal meanings of pictures.   


"The minds whole Bharatham (citizens) are at boiling point":----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ We are  thoughtless, mindless, unintelligent, crowd instead becoming burden to this Holy Land, let us wake up and prove ourselves before the world.The present condition is not suitable, to make fit and overcome the the present poisonous situation, practice Upasana, Meditation, and make our minds cool, calm,and silent.Thereafter mouth shut, engage in Karmayogam as in Bhagavadgeeta, gradually our minds get purified, and build our nation to the envy of the world. 


Present children :-The new growing generation is weak in the sense that they are not developed their minds along with school certificates and college degrees. They do not know how to face unfavourable events in their life. A single failure is not acceptable to them, they do not know that failures are future steps to success, so suicides are common today amongst young.
Parents:-Judging children by marks, below 100%  is not acceptable to majority parents, if grading is low instead of encouraging the child start abusing the young mind, so that the dejected young resort suicide. So this way many more incidents before the young awaiting, the fear of facing parents, the child attempts to end his/her life.
 Refresher courses to parents is very urgent one to all parents. Each child is different from other, as the minds are not same, each young boy or girl  is unique, independent, and different, so you cannot expect, but accept the known mind of the child and find progress in this way only.  


Poise and  Equilibrium:-"The tragedy of life is the tragedy of the incessant tussle among the four inner personalities (1. the emotional, 2. the intellectual, 3. the active, 4. the mystical.). When they are dis-integrated, each one pulls in a direction opposite to the other and they shatter the individual's poise and equilibrium so that in no given set of circumstances can it find a complete joy. From these observations, the conclusions of the great Rishies were not far away. They declared the happiness is possible only in proportion to the amount of integration that the individual has gained within himself." 


Why God has done this to me:-
This is the common frustrated words heard from people who visit place of worships regularly. They do not realise that we or God cannot stop the events in our life, they will come and go, some are good/ favourable  experiences and some are bad / unfavourable things, If we  face them with balanced mind, we won't be get depressed, when things are against our interests.


Spirituality of Bharatham:
When western countries theories of human beings are mainly concerned body level only, whereas our ancient Rishies findings are mainly on mind only.
It is well known that a mere physical body will not move, grow or act unless the Life-principle presides over it. A dead body can no more smile, eat, or walk, think or feel. When once Life has flown out, the body falls down and in a short time, starts decomposing into the very elements from which it had come. This is true, however great the man might have been, while he was alive. This Life-Center in each one of us is the sacred spot from which all activities emanate. If that Life-Center is not vitalising your body, mind and intellect no actions would have been possible.    


It is the only festival celebrated in Bharatham when all three Devis are worshiped. Normally pictures, vigrahams, statues, photos are kept in the place of worship.The simple worship ends after 9 days of celebration, with all pujas etc...............
Nobody know why we do and what it means. Answer as follows:-1.Durga-represents Kriya Sakti.2.Lakshmi- for Icha sakti.3.Saraswathi- stands- Jnana Sakti.Kriya means:- Disciplined life.Icha means:- Sama cittam/ Balanced mind.Jnanam means knowledge. To gain these three disciplined life, balanced mind, knowledge we worship the three Deviya during Navaratri festival.Durga has a title Mahishsura mardini. It does not mean Slayer of Asura Mahishasuran, Mahisham means Buffalo. Alasyam (laziness) is the nature of buffallo. To defeat or remove alasyam is called mahishasura mardini, as Durga removes our alasyam.


Control and regulation of mind:-( What is yogam?)
Yogam is a state of mind where there is no sorrow at all. When do you get this state of mind?:- Situations are under-
1.Whatever you get, when you think there is none best than the thing in your hand.2.Whichever post you be in, satisfied and unmoved by anything in that state.3.When the mind is silent, keepingb away from all sorts of sensuous objects.4.When you enjoy in your Atma by experiencing on meditation.5.When you understand by using your intelligence about pure mind, thereafter enjoy in that state under meditation.6.When the mind is fixed strongly in the principle of Atma.7.You have to prolong the time of experiencing this joy slowly  during meditation.8.When you follow this your mind  should be peaceful and quiet.9. Food intake in controlled way, sleep is not much or less, karthavya karmas should be regular and without fail.  10.Then he will be called yuktan, that is one who have no desire on any objects.11.By discarding desire fo…


Modern day Parents:- -------------------------------/As money and creation wealth is the goal of the present parents, do not care to develop their children and their minds. At schools as teachers are worried about TA/DA/PENSION/BENEFITS........etc, no time to look into the students progress in the mind as well as academics. So no one watching these young minds, anyone can distract them to wrong route, here the culprits are parents and teachers.Mobile phone and Mis-calls:---------------------------------------------/The lazy inactive minds easily corrupted, mobile phones are provided at the early age and  before the age maturity, they carry every where. Porno is easily accessible from mobile shops, boys start watching cheap sex videos/clips.Next boys tempted with this input send Miss-calls to girls, there after, the story starts.Fox-Appam-Crow:-As the way fox cheat  the crow using mobile talks and snatch away the appam, girls easily fell victims in the nets of cheats, remaining stories…


Two enemies:-Anger and Selfish Desire are our greatest enemies. They have destructive powers that can compel us wander away from goal/aim/purpose, to end up in self delusion and despair. 


1. Bheeshma Pithamahan:-When Arjuna found : it is never possible to defeat Beeshma, when enquired, Pithamahan disclosed the secret to his defeat ( as if grandpa tells his grandchildren how to defeat him in the game of chess), thereafter Sicandi's services used to down the( great grandpa) Pithamahan. Even after the fall with arrows struck allover the body Beeshma was cheerful when Arjuna went to see him.

2.Kunti Devi:-With all sorts of family problems never let down her mind, the endurance and tolerance power was so high, remain calm in facing all the aggression from kouravas.

3.King Mahabali:-
The great king lost all his empire to The Lord (Vamanan), and prepared offer his head for the third measure of space to Bramana boy Vamanan (Asura king even discarded the warning from his Rajaguru). Still Mahabali's mind remain strong and  cheerfully obeyed, this lead to his way to heaven.
4.Sudhama (Kuchelan):-Struck by poverty Sudhama was struggling to feed his family, this is when Lord Kr…


Four major types of minds:-(Mahabharatham)--------------------------------------------------------/
1.Deenatha:-( ill, weak, depending,restless) One who complaints for anything and everything, never satisfied by anyone or anything. Example -Drudrashtaran. People with deena mind will be called as Drudhrastra mind.

2.Durabimanatha:-( Foolish pride) Take anything and everything for granted and with foolish imaginations, jumps into without any awareness about consequences by his actions. Example:-Duryodanan, people withthis mind is known as Duryadana.

3.Nissahayatha:-( Helpless) Listening each and everyone, do according to the commands without reasoning and thoughts. Example:- Dronacharya, such minds are Drona.
4. Prajothana:-( Strong, encouraging, inspiring) Very strong mind, inspiring followers. Example- Bhishma.
Bhishma on arrows bed in the battle field of Kurukshetra did not bow down even in the fallen state, Senior member of both Pandava and Kourava, did not hesitate to answer Arjuna'…


Mechanical, physical, Prakritha Bhakti:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------/ Bhakti or Devotion to the Lord  is to purify our minds which lifts us to the Reality,Truth. Present day the people in Bharatham are engaged in the all sorts of acharam and anushtanam( all external activities), without involvement, dedication etc.
The temple culture:--------------------------------------------------------/ Just visit the temple, thinking that it is a place where you can demand your needs get fulfilled from the deity, or a place where your complaints to be registered before the deity, another set is just copy whatever others do, just blind following.
People do not use their internal eyes to understand what chaithanyam inside you is the same as in the deity, and dedicate the mind, thereafter silence it.
We need to develop our minds with the help of Bhakti, this the present need.


Lack of 'God's grace' or  'Guru's blessings':-( Self-Deception)------------------------------------------------------------------------/When spiritual attempts fail many attribute it all to a lack of  above two!!We too may assume it to be so, if that is a consolation for us! But the truth is that man is very clever at self-deception, and a seeker is no exception. We deceive ourselves to satisfy some harmless little demands of the flesh(sex), or some mental tickling, or some intellectual fancy. We are very adroit in justifying our own weakness and discovering a thousand convincing arguments to excuse ourselves.
'we comprómise with our  ideals' :- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------To get temporary  gratification of some passing whim of our mind we compromise with our ideals. On such occasions the useful justification is that it is 'a necessary evil.'  And it sounds sounds quite an acceptable excuse in …