14.The Sadhana Of Equal Vision -4.

There is nothing absolutely right or absolutely wrong in this relative universe.

Right and wrong are mind-made. Everybody is right from his own point of view.

There is a grain of truth in everything.

The point of view is the determining factor in the life of each.

When the understanding is illumined by wisdom, the point of view is broad and entire.

When the understanding is darkened by ignorance, the point of view is narrow, limited and one-sided.

Broad view is the sign of expansion of heart.

A man of broad view is free from suspicion, prejudice, prepossessions and intolerance of various sorts. Broad view results from foreign travels, good birth, vast study, Satsanga, public service, varied experience, meditation, etc.

A man of broad views sees things in their entirety and in their right relations. Broad view creates harmony and concord. Narrow view creates disharmony and discord.

 Swami Sivananda
To be continued ...