GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. Ch : 6.9-69 to 80.. Ref- Present day children / youth, not governed by Parents Teachers supervision, but overpowered by treacherous anti national, Student political wings of certain undesired political parties such as Communists, Congress etc., and supported by department of education of States of Bharatham and defame this holy country by hook or crook!


All Members,

         Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

* Initially, Parents are responsible for the character of Children !
            ** Next,  Educational institutions, and Teachers are responsible !!
            ***Next, Society is responsible ( TV, MOVIES, etc., )
            **** Overall, State and Central Governments are responsible !!!
            ***** Politics & Political parties have no roll and  should be avoided!!!!

    Sub : GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. :  For Children - Ch-6 : 9-69 to 80.
   Swami Sivananda


9. Nature of Obedience - 69 to 80

69. Obedience is willingness to obey the commands of Guru and elders.

70. Only the disciple who obeys his Guru can have command over his lower self.

71. From obedience to Guru springs all other divine virtues, such as humility, devotion, egolessness, etc.

72. True obedience to Guru neither procrastinates nor questions.

73. Obedience to Guru is the mother of success in all undertakings.

74. True obedience to Guru is the performance of what is commanded by him and abstaining from what is prohibited.

75. A hypocritical disciple obeys his Guru from fear. The true disciple obeys his Guru with pure love, for love’s sake.

76. Let the disciple’s first lesson be obedience to Guru.

77. Goodness is a river that flows from the Lotus-Feet of the Lord by the path of obedience to Guru.

78. If the heart of the disciple is not satisfied, it shows that obedience to Guru is not fully observed by the disciple.

79. Your offerings please Guru according to your zeal and Bhava and not according to their nature.

80. The disciple should serve his master with great zeal and care.

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