8. How To Control Anger-4.
When anger tries to exhibit itself, observe silence.
Keep quiet.
Never utter a harsh word or obscene speech.
Try to nip it before it emerges out from the subconscious mind.
You will have to be very alert.
It tries to come out suddenly.
Before anger manifests, there is an agitation (Udvega) in the mind.
You must try to extirpate this very agitation in the mind before it assumes a very gross form in the shape of twitching of muscles of the face, clenching of teeth, red eyes, etc.
You will have to punish the mind well.
You will have to impose self-restraint and punishment on yourself by way of fasting for a day whenever Udvega (agitation) manifests in the mind.


If you strive and make sincere effort to subdue your anger, the hatred subsides.
Even then, a slight movement of impatience lingers although the angry feeling has gone.
You must eschew this slight disturbance also.
 For a man who is leading a divine life, this is a very serious drawback.


Irritability is a weakness of the mind.
If you are easily irritable, it is likely that you may do injustice to many.
Remove this by the practice of patience, Titiksha, tolerance, Karuna (mercy), love, Brahma-Bhava, Narayana-Bhava, etc.

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