GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. Ch-4-6 - 67 to 78. Ref- Present day children / youth, not governed by Parents Teachers supervision, but overpowered by treacherous anti national, Student political wings of certain undesired political parties such as Communists, Congress etc., and supported by department of education of States of Bharatham and defame this holy country by hook or crook!

                                  All Members,
                        Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

* Initially, Parents are responsible for the character of Children !
            ** Next,  Educational institutions, and Teachers are responsible !!
            ***Next, Society is responsible ( TV, MOVIES, etc., )
            **** Overall, State and Central Governments are responsible !!!
            ***** Politics & Political parties have no roll and  should be avoided!!!!

    Sub : GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. :  For Children - Ch-4-6 - 67 to 78.
   Swami Sivananda   

  Ref :  The present day student unions backed by Communists  and  Congress,  the  twin  cursed  political  parties  of  this  Holy  Nation, it  is  necessary  to  eliminate  these  dirty  parties  because  of  their  Anti National  activities  such  as  defaming  the  Upanishadic Culture  and  Sanatana  Dharma......

Chapter : 4 - CULTIVATION OF GURU-BHAKTI : 6 - 67 to 78.

6. The Way of the Great  : 67to78.

67. All the sages, saints, prophets, world teachers, incarnations, great men have had their own Gurus, however great they might have been. 

68. The Guru is a mine of all virtues and auspiciousness. 

69. The contact with the Guru removes all doubts, fears, worries and anxieties. 

70. By unshakable faith in and firm devotion to Guru a disciple can attain material prosperity and success in all undertakings. 

71. The Guru is the life-boat to the disciple who is sinking in the ocean of worldliness. 

72. If you want to learn any art you must approach a teacher who knows the art well. 

73. When such is the case with the ordinary secular knowledge, how much more should be the necessity for a teacher in the spiritual path. 

74. Those who attempt to control the mind without Guru’s help are like merchants who have not secured a good pilot for their vessel. 

75. The spiritual path is thorny and precipitous; temptations will assail you. There may be downfall, so approach the teacher who has tread the path. 

76. Close your eyes and meditate on the form of your Guru, and recite his holy name. 

77. Meditation on Guru gives bliss, inner strength, peace of mind and joy. 

78. Glory to Guru means Glory to God. 

Next : 7. Our Relation to Guru : 79to91. 

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