GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. Ch-2-6-57 to 70. Ref- Present day children / youth, not governed by Parents Teachers supervision, but overpowered by treacherous anti national, Student political wings of certain undesired political parties such as Communists, Congress etc., and supported by department of education of States of Bharatham and defame this holy country by hook or crook!


          All Members,
          Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

         * Initially, Parents are responsible for the character of Children !
         ** Next,  Educational institutions, and Teachers are responsible !!
         ***Next, Society is responsible ( TV, MOVIES, etc., )
         **** Overall, State and Central Governments are responsible !!!
         ***** Politics & Political parties have no roll and  should be avoided!!!!

       Sub : GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. :  For Children - Ch-2-6-57 to 70.
Swami Sivananda

         Ref :  The present day student unions backed by Communists  and  Congress,  the  twin  cursed  political  parties  of  this  Holy  Nation, it  is  necessary  to  eliminate  these  dirty  parties  because  of  their  Anti National  activities  such  as  defaming  the  Upanishadic Culture  and  Sanatana  Dharma......

    Chapter-2 :  GURU AND DISCIPLE : 6-57 to 70.
6. Meditation on Guru - 57 to 70.

57. Meditation of the Guru’s Lotus-Feet is the only way for attaining immortality and eternal bliss.

58. Those who do not concentrate on the Lotus-Feet of Guru are slayers of Atman. They are in fact living corpses and miserable wretches. They are very poor people.

59. The wise cut asunder the knot of egoism by that sharp sword of constant meditation on the Lotus-Feet of Guru.

60. Meditation on the Lotus-Feet of Guru is the master-key for opening the realms of eternal bliss.

61. Meditation on Guru is the only real royal road to the ultimate reality.

62. Meditation on Guru kills all pains, sorrows and sufferings.

63. Meditation on Guru destroys all cause of sorrow and grief.

64. Meditation on Guru gives vision of your Ishta Devata.

65. Meditation on Guru is a balloon that helps the disciple to soar high into the realm of eternal bliss, everlasting peace and perennial joy.

66. Meditation on Guru is the royal road to attain Godhead.

67. Meditation on Guru is the Grand Trunk Road which takes the disciple direct to the destination of divine consciousness.

68. Meditation on Guru is the mystic ladder which takes the disciple from earth to heaven.

69. Without meditation on the Lotus-Feet of Guru there is no spiritual progress of a disciple.

70. Regular meditation on preceptor opens the avenues of intuitional knowledge, makes the mind calm and steady and awakens the inner consciousness.

NEXT : 7. Conquest of Happiness -71 to 78.
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To be continued   ...


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