GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. Ch-1.6.37to48.. - Present day children / youth, not governed by Parents Teachers supervision, but overpowered by treacherous anti national, Student political wings of certain undesired political parties such as Communists, Congress etc., and supported by department of education of States of Bharatham and defame this holy country by hook or crook!


          All Members,
          Respected family members of this great holy Nation.
         * Initially, Parents are responsible for the character of Children !
         ** Next,  Educational institutions, and Teachers are responsible !!
         ***Next, Society is responsible ( TV, MOVIES, etc., )
         **** Overall, State and Central Governments are responsible !!!
         ***** Politics & Political parties have no roll and  should be avoided!!!!

       Sub : GURU-BHAKTI-YOGAM. :  For Children - Ch-1.6.37to48.
Swami Sivananda
         Ref :  The present day student unions backed by Communists  and  Congress,  the  twin  cursed  political  parties  of  this  Holy  Nation, it  is  necessary  to  eliminate  these  dirty  parties  because  of  their  Anti National  activities  such  as  defaming  the  Upanishadic Culture  and  Sanatana  Dharma......

     Chapter-1. The Limbs of Guru-Bhakti Yogam - 1.
1. The Limbs of Guru-Bhakti Yoga -6.37to48.

6.Importance of Guru-Bhakti Yoga  :-37to48.


37. Guru-Bhakti Yoga is the foundation of all other Yogas, viz., Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc.

38. He who has turned his face from the path of Guru-Bhakti Yoga goes from death to death, from darkness to darkness and ignorance to ignorance.

39. Practice of Guru-Bhakti Yoga offers a clear definite path for the realisation of the highest end of life.

40. Practice of Guru-Bhakti Yoga is open to one and all. All great souls, all master-minds have done great work through the practice of Guru-Bhakti Yoga.

41. Guru-Bhakti Yoga includes all other Yogas. Without taking recourse to Guru-Bhakti Yoga nobody can practise other Yogas which are hard to tread.

42. Guru-Bhakti Yoga school of thought gives great importance to obtaining Guru Kripa through Acharyopasana.

43. Guru-Bhakti Yoga is as old as Vedic and Upanishadic time.

44. Guru-Bhakti Yoga teaches the way to wipe out all pains and sorrows in life.

45. Guru-Bhakti Yoga is the only unfailing remedy for the ills of life.

46. The path of Guru-Bhakti Yoga brings fruits quickly only for a worthy disciple.

47. Guru-Bhakti Yoga ends in the annihilation of ego and attainment of bliss immortal.

48. Guru-Bhakti Yoga is the best Yoga.

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