Chapter 23 : Pleasure And Pain : 1.3
1. Pleasure And Pain Pertain To Mind -3.

If the pessimist changes his mental attitude, the world will appear to him to be full of Ananda.
Mind always runs after pleasure, because it is born of Ananda Brahman.
You love a mango, because it affords you pleasure. Of all things, you love your own self most.
This love of the self gives the clue to the fact that Ananda or bliss must be the nature of the Self.

2. Atman Has No Pleasure And Pain -

Freedom from the body and mind is the real nature of the Self or Atman and, consequently, there being no possibility of virtue and vice, very much less is the chance for any effects of these on the Atman, hence, pleasure and pain do not touch Atman.

 Atman is Asanga, Anaasakta, Nirlipta (unattached). It is Sakshi of the two modifications, pleasure and pain that arise in the mind.

Mind enjoys.
Mind suffers.
Atman is a silent witness.
It has nothing to do with pleasure and pain.

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Swami Sivananda
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