Chapter-22. Raga-Dvesha : 8.

8. Destruction Of Raga-Dvesha Constitutes : The Essence Of Spiritual Sadhana -

I shall tell you the gist or essence of spiritual Sadhana.

Destroy the true modifications of the mind, Raga-Dvesha, by Vichara and Brahma-Chintana (right thinking and meditation).

Go beyond the Dvandvas (pairs of opposites).

You will get eternal, infinite bliss and peace. You will shine in Brahmic glory. You will become Brahman. YOU ARE BRAHMAM.

Just as heat in fire can be removed by Mantra and Oushadha (recitation of God's Name and medicine), so also the Raga-Dvesha currents, the characteristics of the mind, can be removed by Yogic Kriya (practices of Yoga).

These can be completely fried up by Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Asamprajnata Samadhi.

Amongst the several Vrittis in the mind, Raga-Dvesha and Moha are very deep-rooted.

They demand strenuous and persistent efforts for their eradication.

In your mental lives, you can either keep hold of the rudder and so determine exactly what course you take, what points you touch or you can fail to do this and, failing, you drift and are blown hither and thither by every passing breeze, by every emotion, by petty Raga-Dvesha currents.

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....