Chapter-22. Raga-Dvesha : 6.2

 6.  Raga-Dvesha Constitutes Real Karma-2.

If you do not want misery, do not take up the body.

If you do not want body, do not do Karma.

If you do not want to do Karma, give up Raga-Dvesha.

If you want to give up Raga-Dvesha, give up Abhimana.

If you want to give up Abhimana, give up Aviveka.

If you want to give up Aviveka, give up ignorance.

O Rama! If you do not want ignorance, get Brahma-Jnana.

This Samsara or world process is kept up by the six-spoked wheel, viz., Raga, Dvesha, merit, demerit, pleasure and pain.

If the root cause, the original Avidya, is destroyed by attainment of Brahma-Jnana, the whole chain of Abhimana, Raga, Dvesha, Karma body, merit and demerit, pleasure and pain will vanish.

One link hangs upon another.

All the links will be broken totally on the advent of Jnana. Sruti says : -

"Rite Jnananna muktih-Liberation comes from knowledge of Brahman."

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Swami Sivananda
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