Chapter-21. Desires -6

6. Craving Or Trishna

You may become old, your hairs may turn grey, but your mind is ever young.

The capacity may vanish, but the craving remains even when you have reached advanced senility.

Cravings (Trishna) are the real seeds of birth.

These craving-seeds give rise to Sankalpa and action.

The wheel of Samsara is kept revolving by these cravings.

Nip them in the bud.

Then only will you be safe.

You will get Moksha.

Brahma-Bhavana, Brahma-Chintana, meditation on OM and devotion will root out these craving-seeds which are laid deep.

You will have to dig them out properly in various corners and burn them beyond resurrection.

Then only will your efforts bear the fruit of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

"Love and kill," "Marry and observe Brahmacharya," "Enjoyment without desire," "Action without fruits" are paradoxical terms.

A man with gross Vyavaharic Buddhi can hardly understand these terms.

A subtle, pure intellect is needed.

Suppose you were a terrible smoker for the last fifteen years.

Then you gave up smoking for five years.

The craving for smoking also died.

Suppose one of your friends offers you a cigar in the sixth year.

You have no craving for smoking now.

If you take it now and enjoy it just to please your friend, it will be called a Suddha Bhoga only.

You have enjoyed it without a craving or a desire.

Isvara enjoys Suddha Bhoga.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....