Chapter-21. Desires - 1.

"Sweep out the sphere of your mind :- Make a place for Loved One to sit.

Dust out all thoughts of this world - So that His throne may be fit.

A million desires engulf you, A million ambitions and aims : - How can you make room for His Presence Unless they

vacate His domain?"

1. What Is Desire?

Desire is a mode of the emotive mind.

It has got a power of externalising the mind.

Desire is the fuel; thought is the fire.

The thought-fire is kept up by the desire-fuel.

If you withdraw the supply of fuel, the fire will be withdrawn into its womb.

If you stop thinking by cutting off desires, the mind will be withdrawn into Brahmam.

It is only when the mind, being divested of all its desires, is indifferent to pleasures and pains and is not attracted by any object that it will be rendered pure, free from the grip of the great delusion like a bird freed from its cage and roaming freely in the Akasa.

Desire, thought and Ahankara form one vicious circle.

If you can destroy any one of them, the other two will die by themselves.

These are the three pillars or corner-stones of the edifice of mind.

They are the three links of the mind-chain.

Destroy any one of the links; the whole chain will be broken.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....