Chapter 20 Vasanas :5.4.

5. How To Destroy Vasanas.4.

 4. Vichara and Brahma-Bhavana -

The wise know that the mind associated with Vasana tends to bondage while the mind absolutely free from Vasana is said to be an emancipated one.

Just as a lion that is shut up in a cage emerges out by breaking the bars of the cage, so also a Jnani comes out of this cage of physical body victoriously by breaking or by destroying the Vasanas of the mind through constant Vichara (Atmic enquiry), constant Nididhyasana (profound and constant meditation on 'OM' and its meaning) and Brahma-Bhavana.

The more you attenuate your Vasanas by Svarupa-Bhavana or the Brahma-Bhavana, the happier you will become.

In proportion to the thinning of the Vasanas, the mind also is proportionately thinned out.

Mind is nothing but a bundle of Vasanas.

Mind is no other than the Vasanas which generate an endless series of rebirths.

The true nature of the mind is the Vasanas.

The two are synonymous.

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Swami Sivananda
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