Chapter 19 - Thought-Culture-7-2.

7. Techniques Of Thought-Control-2.

When a thought hovers in the mind, fulfil it.

Do not allow it to linger on for a long time.

It will frequently recur again and again.

It will be a source of great trouble.

Whenever a thought flashes out to write a letter to your friend, then and there finish that piece of work.

Do not procrastinate it.

There are four ways of destroying evil thoughts.

A Jnana Yogin (student of the path of Knowledge) does it by living in OM or Truth.

He destroys the evil thoughts by Vichara and attitude of indifference.

He says, "This has nothing to do with me. I am Satchidananda-Svarupa, Sivoham, Sivoham.

These impulses belong to the mind. I am distinct from the mind."

A Bhakta destroys the same by prayer and self-surrender.

He says, "O God! I have surrendered myself, the fruits of all actions and the actions themselves to Thee.

Give me strength to drive away and destroy these evil thoughts." He gets help from God through self-surrender.

God sublimates the sex-impulse into Sattva or Ojas (spiritual energy).

The Raja Yogin destroys evil thoughts either by destroying the Vrittis as they arise or by substituting opposite, positive thoughts of Sattvic nature, by supplanting sublime thoughts in their stead (Pratipaksha-Bhavana).

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Swami Sivananda
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