Chapter 19 - Thought-Culture-6.

6. Haunting Thoughts Of Sin

Thoughts of sin haunt the minds of some persons.

One man always thinks, "I have committed a very heinous sin. I do not know what to do."

Again and again, this one idea haunts his mind.

This is a bad habit.

These people do not know how to divert their minds.

They become prey to these 'haunting thoughts'. Virtue and sin are relative terms.

They are creations of the mind.

Sin is nothing but a mistake.

Japa of God's Name, charity and fasting will destroy at once any amount of sin.

Why are you afraid?

Even the worst sinner can attain salvation, can become holy of holies.

What was the state of Valmiki, Jagai and Madhai and Ajamila in the beginning?

Were they not rogues of the first water?

Repeat OM, Rama and assert boldly, 'I am pure now' 'I am holy now'.

Where is the room for despair?

Nil desperandum.

Do virtuous actions.

Remember Him always.

Be true to the Antaryamin (Indweller of your heart).

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....