Chapter 18. The Power Of Thought-12.

12. The Duty Of An Aspirant.

You should learn the method of sending out helping, loving thoughts to others and the whole world at large.

You should know how to remove distraction and collect all thoughts and send them out as a battalion of helpful forces to do good to the suffering humanity. Thought-transference is a beautiful science.

It is an exact science.

Just as the flowing Ganga brings joy and coolness to those who live on its banks, so also your strong thoughts of love and peace must flow out as a healing stream to bring solace, peace and glee to those persons whose minds are filled with care, worry, anxiety, tribulation, affliction, etc.

Even some good natured householders entertain some occasional good thoughts and send out into the world some helpful thoughts.

This is not sufficient for an aspirant in the path of Truth.

A continuous stream of helpful thoughts must gush out from his mind.

It must be a perennial, healing stream of loving, helpful thoughts.

He must be able to charge groups of twenty persons, masses of hundreds and thousands with love, joy and cheerfulness.

He must stir them with a mere glance and a few sweet, powerful words into enthusiasm, high spirits and exalted moods and exhilaration.

That is spiritual strength, will-force (Atma-Bala).

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....