Chapter 18. The Power Of Thought-11-2

11. Thought-Transference Or Telepathy-2.

Thoughts are like things.

Just as you hand over an orange to your friend and take it back, so also you can give a useful, powerful thought to your friend and take it back also.

You must know the right technique to handle and manipulate a thought.

The science is very interesting and subtle.

You can aid a friend in trouble by sending him thoughts of comfort, a friend in search of Truth by thoughts clear and definite of the truths you know.

You can send into the mental atmosphere thoughts which will raise, purify and inspire all who are sensible to them.

If you send out a loving, helpful thought to another man, it leaves your brain, goes directly to that man, raises a similar thought of love in his mind and returns back to you with redoubled force.

If you send out a thought of hatred to another man, it hurts that man and hurts you also by returning back to you with redoubled force.

Therefore, understand the laws of thought, raise only thoughts of mercy, love and kindness from your mind and be happy always.

When you send out a useful thought to help others, it must have a definite, positive purpose and aim.

Then only it will bring out the desired effect.

Then only that thought will accomplish a definite work.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....