Chapter -17. Avidya And Ahankara-4.

4. How To Eradicate Ahankara-1.

The deep roots of Ahankara should be burnt by the fire of knowledge (Jnanagni).

Then you will quite easily get the wealth of Moksha.

All tribulations, sorrows, miseries and afflictions will terminate now. Control of the Indriyas and Pranayama help to develop the Buddhi (Vikasa of Buddhi).

You cannot, all at once, eradicate Ahankara altogether.

You can easily give up wife, children, money, anger.

But it is extremely difficult to give up Ahankara.

Try to minimise it little by little.

Remove one anna of Ahankara within three months.

Within four years, you will be able to root it out completely.

You will have to remove it either by self-sacrifice through Karma Yoga-or self-surrender through Bhakti-or self-denial through Vedantic Atma-Vichara.

Through the Sankalpas of Manas, Ahankara is generated.

If the modification of the mind which leans to sensual pleasures is destroyed, the Atman, divested of its Ahankara, becomes the unnameable Brahmic Reality.

Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....