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All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

"I have a message for the world, which I will deliver without fear and care for the future. To the reformers I will point out that I am a greater reformer than any one of them. They want to reform only little bits. I want root-and-branch reform."

- Swami Vivekananda




Formerly the characteristic of the noble-minded was - (tribhuvanamupakara shrenibhih priyamanah)

"to please the whole universe by one's numerous acts of service",

but now it is - I am pure and the whole world is impure.

"Don't touch me!" "Don't touch me!"

The whole world is impure, and I alone am pure!

Lucid Brahmajnana! Bravo!

Great God!

Nowadays, Brahman is neither in the recesses of the heart, nor in the highest heaven, nor in all beings - now He is in the cooking pot!


We are orthodox Hindus, but we refuse entirely to identify ourselves with "Don't- touchism".

That is not Hinduism; it is in none of our books; it is an orthodox superstition, which has interfered with national efficiency all along the line.

Religion has entered in the cooking pot.

The present religion of the Hindus is neither the path of Knowledge or Reason - it is "Don't-touchism". - "Don't touch me", "Don't touch me" - that exhausts its description.


"Don't touchism" is a form of mental disease.


All expansion is life, all contraction is death.

 All love is expansion, all selfishness is contraction.

Love is therefore the only law of life.

See that you do not lose your lives in this dire irreligion of "Don't- touchism".

Must the teaching (Atmavat sarvabhuteshu) -

"Looking upon all beings as your own self" - be confined to books alone?

How will they grant salvation who cannot feed a hungry mouth with a crumb of bread?

How will those, who become impure at the mere breath of others, purify others?


We must cease to tyrannize.

To what a ludicrous state are we brought!

If a bhangi comes to anybody as a bhangi, he would be shunned as the plague; but no sooner does he get a cupful of water poured upon his head with some muttering of prayers by a padri, and get a coat to his back, no matter how threadbare, and come into the room of the most orthodox Hindu, I don't see the man who then dare refuse him a chair and a hearty shake of hands! Irony can go no farther.


Just see, for want of sympathy from the Hindus, thousands of pariahs in Madras are turning Christians.

Don't think that this is simply due to the pinch of hunger; it is because they do not get any sympathy from us.

We are day and night calling out to them "Don't touch us! Don't touch us!"

Is there any compassion or kindliness of heart in the country?

Only a class of "Don't-touchists" ; kick such customs out!

I sometimes feel the urge to break the barriers of "Don't-touchism", go at once and call out, "Come all who are poor, miserable, wretched and downtrodden", and to bring them all together.

Unless they rise, the Mother will not awake.


Each Hindu, I say, is a brother to every other, and it is we, who have degraded them by our outcry, "Don't touch", "Don't touch!"

And so the whole country has been plunged to the utmost depths of meanness, cowardice and ignorance.

These men have to be lifted; words of hope and faith have to be proclaimed to them.

We have to tell them, "You are also men like us and you have all the rights that we have."

Swami Vivekananda

catur-varnyam   maya   srshtam   " guna-karma-vibhagasah,"

tasya   kartaram   api   mam   viddhy   akartaram   avyayam.

Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : Chapter-4. Slokam-13.

Thank you for reading.


To be continued  ...


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