Rahul frustrated with jealousy on Good Governance of Sri Modi :




Sub :- Rahul frustrated with jealousy  on Good Governance  of Sri Modi  :

Ref : Rahul a lying machine, says BJP :
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1.The BJP on Monday termed as "fabricated" Rahul Gandhi’s charge that he was denied entry into a temple in Assam by RSS workers.

2.The Bhartiya Janata Party on Monday termed as “fabricated” Rahul Gandhi’s charge that he was denied entry into a temple in Assam by RSS workers, alleging that the Congress vice president had become a “lying machine” and was talking about such non-issues to disrupt Parliament.

3.The party said also hit back at Mr. Gandhi after he blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for withdrawal of invitation to Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy for an event, saying he was making “petty and childish” charges and that the decision was taken by the organisers.

4.“Rahul Gandhi claims he was stopped by RSS from entering an Assam temple. Earlier somebody (Selja) claimed that she was stopped from entering a temple in Dwarka and she was exposed in Parliament. What Gandhi says is fabricated and a lie,” Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told a press conference.


On Kerala event :

1..He claimed Mr. Chandy had himself written a letter, stating he will not be able to attend the event.

2. Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said in Parliament that the decision to cancel the invitation to Mr. Chandy for Tuesday’s event in Kerala was taken by the organisers and the government had nothing to do with it as it was a private function.

3.BJP secretary Shrikant Sharma said it was a matter of “shame” for Gandhi if he was not permitted to enter a temple in a state run by a Congress government.

4.“His disinformation campaign against RSS is well known. It is difficult to accept his lies against RSS. He has become a lying machine. Does RSS run temples? Does he have any evidence that those protesting against him were RSS workers? If RSS was stopping him then how did he manage to go to the temple later in evening?”, Mr. Sharma asked in a statement.

5.His campaign on such a fabricated charge was a part of Congress’ strategy to disrupt Parliament, Mr. Sharma said.

6.Speaking about the Kerala event, he said the decision of organisers was a reflection on the “plummeting popularity” of Mr. Chandy due to his alleged involvement in corruption.

7.“Rahul Gandhi should not blame BJP and Modi for everything. He is only showing his immaturity and childishness with such comments,” he said.

8.Mr. Gandhi on Tuesday claimed that he was stopped from entering a temple in Barpeta by RSS workers during his recent visit to Assam, saying this was BJP’s style of politics which was “unacceptable”.


1. Congress and Sonia+Rahul  not realising that they are diminishing day by day by  their own  karma-s.

2. No use  in these  mad talks, or destabilising the the Nation  by their arrogant  silly   behaviour in the Parliament.

My view points

1. Congress is  inviting  its  death  by  itself.

2. If still  they  do  not  note  their  fault, the  people react at proper venue ( Polling-booths ).

3. They need  stick, people of this country are sure  about it.

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