Present people never think before talk, hence the result is worst :




Sub :-  Present people never think before talk, hence the result is worst

Ref : -  Media reports -

A. Jesus a communist, says Suresh Gopi

B. Sudheeran flays HC for granting anticipatory bail to Vellapally

C. Chief minister Oommen Chandy finds BJP chief's remarks objectionable

D. Pinarayi Vijayan criticism

E. Kummanam reply

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


1. Jesus Christ was a communist, according to actor Suresh Gopi.

2. "Christ strived for the poor and goodness of humanity," the actor said while addressing a crowd after handing over the keys of the Snehaveedu programme, a housing project for the rural poor, here on Thursday.

3. Suresh Gopi had campaigned for the BJP during the Aruvikkara by-elections held earlier this year.


1. KPCC president V.M Sudheeran Thursday flayed the Kerala High Court for granting anticipatory bail to SNDP general secretary Vellapally Natesan in a criminal case registered against him over his controversial ‘hate speech’.

2. “The High Court’s remark in its order granting anticipatory bail to Vellapally Natesan was wrong. The court made the remark without considering the case diary,” Sudheeran alleged.

3. Meanwhile, senior Congress leader K. Muraleedharan blamed the state home department for the anticipatory bail granted to Natesan.

4. “He was granted the anticipatory bail due to lapses on the part of the home department,” he said.

5. On Wednesday, the Kerala High Court granted anticipatory bail to Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan in a criminal case registered against him on charges of promoting enmity among different groups on grounds of religion.

6. While granting him the anticipatory bail, the court had said prima facie it was difficult to hold that the objectionable words used in Vellapally's speech had the effect of promoting or attempting to promote religious enmity.

7. "The objectionable portion would indicate that the petitioner was agitated about the State's attitude towards different communities. Even though State proclaims that it has not patronized any religion, it shows discrimination in conferring benefits between various communities and religious groups," the court said.


1. Chief minister Oommen Chandy has come down heavily on the new BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan for his recent statement that temple commit tees had the right to decide who should run temporary businesses on temple premises during festivals.

2.  In a statement here on Monday , Chandy said Kummanam was making `objectionable remarks' forgetting the history and culture of the state that maintain social harmony beyond religious differences.

3.  "Christian and Muslim families used to bring coconut oil and jaggery to many temples in Malabar and Travancore. Such traditions are still prevalent in many temples," said the statement. "People like Kummanam are trying to demolish such a venerable culture," the CM said. "The state expects a more balanced approach from the BJP," he added.


 CPM politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan had also criticized the statement of Kummanam Rajasekharan through an FB post.


Meanwhile, on Monday , Kummanam Rajasekharan denied reports that he had made any such remarks. "The CPM and the DYFI are spreading lies. I haven't said anything in that regard. You are free to verify the video of the news conference held two days ago," he told reporters in Kollam.He also said his stand was that managing religious institutions was an internal matter of devotees there.




1. Film stars sometime are below average, and their talks are seemed to be silly

2. If Suresh Gopi's opinion  is "Jesus a communist,"

3. Next question arises is it Stalin the dictator's communism,

4. or  is it another dictator'S  'MAOISM' of China,

5. or is it Kerala model communism with political murders,


1. This KPCC president V.M Sudheeran, makes unnecessary comments on Hindus, and a leader tries to unite all  Hindus under one umbrella

2. When Muslim bargain with a political party,

3. When Christians with many scratch parties bargain,

4. When  Madani's  talks before, were of communal and fundamental  nature, (Abdul Nasar Madani )

5. Muslims of a NDF, cut the hand  of a teacher,

6. Where this Sudheeran  was  then?

C & D.

1. Chief minister Oommen Chandy just shows his frustration and hatred against Hindus, is clear by his false wild objection,

2. Same with CPM politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan  remarks on Kummanam, which is not true,

My view points

1. These so called  VIPs, should  clean their  own images instead finding faults with others,

2. When these political leaders are in neck deep controversies, scams, political blinders,

3. At first let these leaders first prove themselves pure and truthful,

4. Film stars attempt loose talks as we found from Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Shatrughan sinha, and now Suresh Gopi,

5. Words are valuable, not meant for stupid attempts,

6. Otherwise you will  be let down by your own words spoken carelessly....

Thank you for reading.


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