Chapter -17. Avidya And Ahankara-1

1. Avidya-1.

The mind itself is a creation of Avidya (ignorance).

It is a Karya (effect) of Avidya.

It is filled with delusion.

That is the reason why it deceives and tempts you.

It makes you go astray.

If you can destroy the cause of the mind, Ajnana, by getting Jnana (knowledge of the Supreme Self), mind is nowhere. It dwindles into an airy nothing.
Manonasa (annihilation of mind) takes place when Jnana dawns.

Avidya works through Upadhis (attributes, limiting adjuncts).

All the special apparatus required by Avidya constitute the Upadhis of the soul.

Mind is an Upadhi; Buddhi is an Upadhi and Ahankara also is an Upadhi.

The sea of Avidya (ignorance) is in the mind of man.

The explanation of the empirical concept must be sought in the nature of our cognitive faculty.

Sri Sankara explains Avidya in this way.

It is Naisargika; it is innate in our mental faculty.

It is Mithyajnananimitta, based on wrong knowledge; and, knowledge is a function of the mind.

It is Nityapratyayarupa; it consists in the form of a wrong conception.

"All Jivas-human entities-which are really non-existent, are (with all concomitant appearance of birth, death, etc.) mere results of the objectivising tendency of the mind and nothing else."

Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....