Chapter 16-Thought Creates The World-8

8. How The Mind Manifests As The World

The motion or vibration of Prana moves the mind. The movement of the mind generates the universe.

The mind manifests itself as the external world. Nama-Rupa (names and forms) arise owing to Vikshepa Sakti, one of the powers of Maya.

The Vikshepa force operates both in the Jagrat and the Svapna states.

The whole world is projected on account of this power only.

In sleep, it disappears.

The world enters the mind through the eyes, ears, tongue (speech) and old Samskaras. If you remain in the seclusion, you can shut out these first three doors.
Through Vichara (right enquiry of Supreme Self), you can destroy the Samskaras, the fourth route.

Then Jnana (Knowledge of Self) will dawn.

All the universes with their heterogeneity, though really Atma-Jnana, shine as worlds only through our illusory mind, like the blueness of the sky which is really non-existent.

The Self-light of Para Brahman alone is appearing as the mind or this motley universe.

Mind is Prajna-Sakti.

Matter is Bhuta-Sakti.

Prana is Kriya-Sakti of Brahmam.

Everything belongs to Brahman.

In reality, there is no Jiva.

There is Brahmam only.

The mind which ever rises and falls with the ebb of desires, fancies this illusory universe to be through its ignorance; but it should be informed of the real nature of this world, then it will cognise it to be Brahman itself.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....