Chapter 15- Sankalpa : 5.2.

 5. How To Destroy Sankalpa-2.

When you are firmly established in the idea that the world is unreal, Vikshepa (through names and forms) and Sphurana of Sankalpa (thoughts) will slowly vanish.

Repeat constantly the formula, "Brahma Satyam Jaganmithya Jivo Brahmaiva Naaparah"

(Brahman alone is real. World is unreal. Jiva is identical with Brahman).

You will gain immense strength and peace of mind through the repetition.

Having freed yourself from all desires for the visible objects before you and having made your impure mind firm and steady through your pure mind, eradicate all the Sanklpas that arise in the mind.

Now, this mind, which arises through Sankalpas, perishes through it alone like a flame of fire which, though fanned by the wind, is yet extinguishable by the same.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued ....