If the country becomes politically strong, Spiritual training is essential to this country's citizens :




Sub :-   If the country becomes politically  strong, Spiritual training  is  essential  to  this  country's  citizens,

Ref : -  Politics in India, I regret to say, is primarily based on hatred.

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


If you have to float a political party and win elections — you have to first of all identify which group of people you will target as enemies.

If the enemies are identified it is easy for the politician to impress on the voters the need for coming out to vote in large numbers so that the supporters of the imagined enemy could be outnumbered and subdued.

"It is indeed very difficult for any politician to win votes in the name of all good things like development, peace and brotherhood."

WHY ? ....................................


All  political parties and politicians never talk about any good things, they never recognise goodness, instead try fault finding, or spread lies as truth.

In Kerala UDF talks  ills / faults about LDF or BJP or  PM. Sri Modi, LDF has the same thumb rule towards  UDF or BJP or the Centre.

In the centre, Congress  never talk on  good governance of Modi Government, instead spread lies, or highlight silly faults, or keep silent if they don't get anything  against Modi, same thumb rule apply to other parties who hate Modi.


This tendency is not good for / in democracy, but like Duryodhana  said, " I  know  that  what I  am doing is Adharma, but I can't think otherwise  or  change myself to the path of Dharma,"  similarly all politicians know what they think, talk, or demonstrate is wrong, but could  not help to get rid of it.


If this thing is continued, can you imagine what will be the future of democracy, you know  in  the  past  Congress split   several times, as its leaders are not  united  in its expressions internally, likewise communists, Janata dal, Kerala Congress, DMK, muslim parties, and many more groups in one and only parties like congress in Kerala -Antony group, Karunakaran group, Karthikeyan group, Vayalar Ravi group,  and this phenomena applicable all over Bharatham.


Each politician starts a new party and make it as family party ( as it happens  in  our  country ),  do you think  is this going  blessing, no it is not, country will be  divided, into  small  groups with some 'x or y'  political party tags  ....thereafter the citizens live in  the colours  of  parties  to end the country broken....



1. Now is the time to recover,

2. All  politicians are with  corrupted  mind,

3. All  politicians lost their balance of minds,

4. No political party is aware / conscious  of this  country,

5. If we suffered under  Muslim or  British rule, we  were responsible  to  that  situation,

6. We  were  not united then,

7. We  are  not united  now  too.

My view points

1. Politics is good; but not our politicians,

2. If the country becomes politically  strong,

3. Spiritual training  is  essential  to  this  country's  citizens,

4. This emergency action  needed  because  we  never took  care of  our  character  top priority,

5. No one become  anything if he  has no  character.

Thank you for reading.


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