Congress is not justified in doing what they are doing.




Sub :  Congress is not justified in doing what they are doing.

Ref  : Congress a Liability on Economy, Says Government After GST Drama :

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


1. The government's last-minute push for a major tax reform fell flat today, with the opposition Congress refusing to call off protests in Parliament to allow a discussion on the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

2. "The Congress' policies were a liability on the country when in power, and its policies remain a liability today," said Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, accusing the opposition party of seeking to obstruct the country's economic growth.

3. The Congress-commissioned chaos in the Rajya Sabha meant that the House was adjourned seconds after the government introduced the GST proposal, which creates a national sales tax to replace a matrix of levies in the 29 different states.

4. The GST Bill has already been cleared by the Lok Sabha, where the government has a huge majority. But in the Rajya Sabha, it is heavily reliant on the support of the opposition. As the bill was introduced there, Congress members stormed into the well shouting "This won't do."

5. There are just two days left in this session of Parliament. Failure to pass the GST Bill now will make it hard for the government to meet a self-imposed 2016 deadline for implementing it. After it is sanctioned by Parliament, half of India's states need to endorse the reform, a process that is likely to be lengthy.

6. Supporters say the GST will add up to two percentage points to economic growth, boost manufacturing and ease of business, and ensure cheaper and more efficient products for consumers.

7. The GST Bill was originally written by the Congress, whose coalition government was defeated by the BJP last year.

8. The Congress, hemmed into just 44 Lok Sabha MPs, has said it will not allow Parliament to function unless the PM removes senior BJP leaders it accuses of graft, including Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj. The Congress also wants changes to the bill, which it says must be more "simple and comprehensive".

9. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley moves the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill in the Rajya Sabha.


1. Parliament is the temple of democracy.

2. Right or wrong, Indian public has given their choice and Congress can use some humility to accept the verdict.

3. For the last 6 months Congress is trying to stall the working of government through Upper House, the Rajya Sabha.

4. It is a decided matter that in Westminster model of democracy, the Upper House does not have powers higher than the Lower House, Lok Sabha.

5. Simply because these MPs are the selected MPs and not elected MPs.

6. This fact has been deliberately ignored by Congress for narrow political ends, not in consonance with national interests.

7. Congress in this session has become a party which gives a notice for discussions and then when the government agrees to the same then changes the goal posts to say that the Central Minister and the Two Chief Ministers have to resign before the discussion begins.

8. They give examples of UPA II, forgetting that Dr. Singh, in Coalgate, did not resign first.

9. For the kind of scams that Congress has done in the last five years, I wonder what face these guys have to stall the proceedings.

10. Another error of Congress is in asking their CMs to snub the PM.

11. This reveals the petty mentality of Congress. They should know that by insulting others you do not get rehabilitated.

12.  Congress has overplayed their hand and are now wondering how to cut the losses and save face.


1. Congress out of mind, marching in the path of its own destruction.

2. Congress lost all  credibility.

3. Congress  signing its own death warrant.

My view points

1. Very important bills awaiting to be cleared,

2. Last sessions washed out because of the opposition vulgar methods of obstrucions,

3. This session is also moving in that direction without any transactions

4. Causing huge loss  of  public money.


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