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Sub :-   Congress + + .... as many parties opposing ruling BJP :  their terms of Secularism, Intolerance ...

Ref : - Loksabha Discussion on Kashmir Pandits today....

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


1. P. V. Narasimha Rao was the Prime minister and Congress was the ruling party.( when Kashmiri pandits were driven out of Kashmir by Kashmiri muslims )

2. Congress was the ruling party since 1947 to 1977. ( 30 years continuously ), 1980 to 1989.- ( 9 years ),  1991 to 1996. ( 5 years ) and  2004 to 2014.( 10 years ) - total 54 years.

3. The  congress rule resulted in the sad story of Hindus in Kashmir

4. Brief history of the Events :


Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus :

1. Ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits was an event that occurred on 19 January 1990 when most of the Pandit families were forced to flee from Kashmir valley after being repeatedly threatened and targeted by crowds of Kashmiri Muslims and Islamic radicals.

2. The estimate of Pandits having fled Kashmir ranges from approximately 100,000 to a number as high as 350,000.


Background :

1. Islamic terrorism was being supported and increased on a regular basis by Pakistan and other Islamic forces.

2. In 1986, Ghulam Mohammad Shah snatched the power from his brother-in-law Farooq Abdullah and became the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir.

3. Shah decided to construct a large mosque, Shah Masjid which was named after him within the premises of an ancient Hindu temple inside the New Civil Secretariat area in Jammu.

4. Many people of Jammu took to streets to protest with large demonstrations and marches against this decision.

5. Gul Shah on his return to Kashmir retaliated and incited the Kashmiri Muslims by saying "Islam khatrey mein hey" (Islam is in danger).

6. As a result, Kasmhiri Pandits were targeted by the Kashmiri Muslims.

7. Many incidents were reported in various areas where Kashmiri Hindus were killed and their properties and temples damaged or destroyed.

8. The worst hit areas were mainly in South Kashmir and Sopore. In Vanpoh, Lukbhavan, Anantnag, Salar and Fatehpur, Muslim mobs plundered or destroyed the properties and temples of Hindus.

9. During the Anantanag riot in 1986, although no Hindu was killed, many houses and other properties belonging to Hindus were looted, burnt or damaged.

10.Although the Islamists were involved in the riot, it was also revealed after an investigation that some workers of main political parties including the National Conference and Congress had also taken part in the riot alongside them.

11. Many Hindus left the Kashmir valley as a result due to the prevailing situation in Kashmir.

12. In March 1986, Shah and his government were dismissed as a result of him being unable to control the detoriating security situation in the state.

13. The Islamists lost overwhelmingly in the 1983 and 1987 state elections.

14. They alleged that the 1987 elections were rigged.

15. They then started to turn to violence to advocate separatism.

Note :

1. Where is the Secularism in Kashmir?

2. Where is the tolerance in Muslims towards other religions especially towards Hindus in Kashmir

3. Where was the Congress Government and its Secularism?

My view points :

1. Where there the muslims in Majority they want islamic rule, and have no tolerance with other communities ( as in Kashmir, part of India ).

2. Where the muslims in minority status, and others are tolerant and cooperating, the muslims start all sorts of demands and put pressure everywhere ( as in other parts of India) .

3. Where the muslims in minority, and others are strong, then they adjust with the main stream, and live silently. ( as in other parts of Democratic Nations in  the  world)

Thank you for reading.


To be continued


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