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While everyone has been animatedly supporting Anna Hazare's fight against corruption, people seem to have forgotten who the people are who actually led to this situation.

The peak of irony was when Anna was, allegedly, lodged in the same jail that housed the people who were responsible for two of the biggest scams in the country ever. How must the authorities have felt when they saw Raja and Kalmadi fill their plates while Anna was on a fast because of their misdeeds?

Corruption has become an unavoidable part of politics and every now and then, one or the other politician re-affirms this fact.

Here is our pick of the 10 most allegedly corrupt politicians of India.

1.Suresh Kalmadi :

Suresh Kalmadi, almost single handedly caused a loss of hundreds of crores of rupees to the country. The Commonwealth Games, organized by Kalmadi was no less than a loot with numerous reports of the magnum opus event being soaked in corruption making headlines way before the Games had even started. Apparently, out of Rs. 70000 crores spent on the Games, only half of the amount was actually spent. Owing to his involvement in the scam, Kalmadi was charged with corruption and sent to Tihar jail.

2. A. Raja :

A scam worth Rs. 176,000 crore had former Union Cabinet Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Andimuthu Raja at the centre. A. Raja as he is generally called, was the prime accused in the 2G spectrum scam, which was the largest that the country had seen in a long time. Following the shocking exposure, Raja was indicted and forced to resign. Presently, he is too has been lodged at the Tihar jail and is awaiting his trial.

3. Mayawati :

Mayawati has always been criticized for ostentatious display of power in her state. She has allegedly used her status as chief minister to amass large amounts of personal wealth. She was charged with corruption when the Taj Heritage Corridor Case was uncovered. Mayawati's birthdays have often been media events, where she usually appears decked in diamond jewellery and also accepts public donations for which, she often comes under fire. Her assets are allegedly worth millions of dollars and in the year 2007-08, she had reportedly paid an income tax of Rs. 26 crores, which placed her amongst the top 20 taxpayers of the year.

4. Lalu Prasad Yadav :

The fact that Lalu Prasad Yadav has been an accused in 63-odd cases serves for the fact that Lalu stands as one of the strongest competitor in the list. The biggest scam that rocked Lalu's political career was the fodder scam which involved the embezzlement of Rs. 950 crore approximately. The accusation of nepotism against him has come up time and again but hardly any action has been taken against him owing to his alleged 'connections' in the government.

5. Madhu Koda :

Former Jharkand Chief Minister, and only the third independent legislator to assume the office of chief minister in India, Madhu Koda was responsible for a scam worth over Rs. 4000 crore. The man reportedly exploited the state's natural resources by licensing illegal mining leases and stashing away the wealth amassed during the undertaking. Furthermore, the Maoists were said to have received a 30% share of the booty. Koda was arrested on charges of money laundering and is still in prison following the rejection of numerous bail applications.

6.**** Mulayam Singh Yadav : ****


Mulayam Singh Yadav is also accused as being one of the most corrupt ministers in the country despite not being directly involved in any major scams. Apart from his name being involved in appointments of tainted officers and mishandling of his power as chief minister, Mulayam Singh had one major allegation levelled against him– accumulation of disproportionate assets. The case drew limelight on his sons and daughter-in-law as they too were holders of the assests that amounted to crores of rupees.

7. Karunanidhi :

The corruptions charges against M. Karunanidhi are so many that he is often referred to as the king or emperor of corruption. He was accused of lending support to the LTTE and was indicted for abetting the LTTE in the initial interim report which oversaw the investigation into Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.

Karunanidhi reportedly institutionalized corruption in the South. He was said to be a leading player in the cash for votes scams that are common in the southern region, as well as notorious for extreme nepotism shown under his rule. Not so surprising, is the fact that the main accused in the 2G scam, A, Raja, considers him to be his mentor.

8. Sharad Pawar :

Very few people can miss the cosy relationship that Sharad Pawar shares with power and money that has been reported time and again. Every now and then, Pawar draws flak for alleged investments made by him and his family in various illegal projects. He was named by Abdul Karim Telgi, during a narcoanalysis test, stating that it was Pawar's brainchild to print fake stamp papers across the country and mint money. He was also accused in a multi-crore scam involving wheat imports and institutions headed by him and his close associates were served notices by the Bombay High Court for showing favoritism to his family.

9. Jayalalithaa :

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has a staggering 46 corruption cases against her. Amongst the various scams were the Rs. 70 million coal import scam, Tansi land deal case, case of disproportionate assets and colour TV case, amongst many others. A raid in her residence and business establishments reportedly led to the seizure of some 28 kg of jewellery (worth Rs 51 crore), 91 wrist-watches, 41 air-conditioners, 10,500 sarees, 750 pairs of footwears, etc. She along with her former cabinet colleagues and senior bureaucrats who worked with her are still facing investigation with regard to corruption.

10. BS Yeddyurappa :

The most recent politician to be caught in the web of corruption is former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B. S. Yeddyurappa. While he allegedly has a number of corruption cases lying against him, the one that toppled his career was his alleged involvement in the illegal iron ore export scam in various districts of Karnataka. A lot of blame game followed and ended up with Yeddyurappa losing his ministerial post last month. Despite his denial, his image as one of the most corrupt politicians of the country that has been built, will not fade anytime soon. (

NOTE : - 1.

1. ***Akhilesh Yadav hints at a possible alliance with Congress, pitches for Mulayam as PM, Rahul as deputy in 2019 :  ***

Stirring a hornet's nest, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Friday hinted at a alliance with Congress for the 2019 Lok Sabha election. Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in the national capital, Akhilesh pitched for his father and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav as the prime ministerial candidate.

"My father as PM and Rahul Gandhi as Deputy PM is perfect formula for a 2019 alliance," Akhilesh said.


Reacting to the same, Bharatiya Janata Party leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi mocked the UP CM for his statement. "Akhilesh should keep in mind that the post of the PM is already occupied for the next 15-20 years. There is no vacancy," he said.

The UP Chief Minister was replying to a question on whether he was ready to extend his "good" personal relationship with Rahul Gandhi to a political level with the Congress.

"You are asking me because I am a Samajwadi (socialist) and you also say that I get rebuked by my father (Mulayam). I also want that Netaji's dreams are fulfilled and that I work for him. He becomes the prime minister and he (pointing at Rahul) deputy prime minister. I am in agreement with this and will make an alliance now," if it is found acceptable, Akhilesh said, smiling.

He, however, sidestepped a question on whether an alliance with rival BSP, like the one in Bihar where JDU and RJD came together, is possible in UP for the 2017 Assembly polls.

"Her (Mayawati) choice is that stone made elephant statues come up. So how is that possible? I have already told you my formula," was Akhilesh's response, referring to his conditions for a possible alliance with Congress.

Earlier, he categorically said, "there is no talk of any coalition at this point. It's better if we don't talk of it now."

The 42-year-old chief minister of India's most populous state asserted that any relationship with the BJP or any of its associate organisations was not possible "because of the kind of divisions they produce and the language they use."

NOTE : 2.

2. NEW DELHI: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday named over 20 top politicians including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as "corrupt", and attacked him and BJP's Narendra Modi for spending crores on creating a "brand".

Addressing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national executive here, Kejriwal outlined the party's objective vis-a-vis the Lok Sabha polls: "We have to ensure that no corrupt person is elected to the parliament."

Reading out what seemed to be a prepared list at a packed auditorium at the Constitution Club, Kejriwal said he had a list of "corrupt people" in politics.

"I have made a list of corrupt people. This is just the beginning and the list will grow.

"I am presenting the names to you, and you decide whether these people should be elected to parliament or not."

Kejriwal went on to name former BJP president Nitin Gadkari, cabinet ministers Sushikumar Shinde, P Chidambaram, Salman Khurshid, M Veerappa Moily, Kapil Sibal, Kamal Nath, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar, Congress MP Suresh Kalmadi, BSP chief Mayawati, Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, central minister Farooq Abdullah, Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, DMK's Kanimozhi, BJP's Ananth Kumar and B S Yeddyurappa and BJP MP Anurag Thakur.

As he finished reading the list, the nearly 400 AAP leaders and senior members gathered from all over India roared "No!" in unison in response to his earlier question whether these people should be voted to parliament.

After he finished with the names, a section of the audience took Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's name. Prompted, Kejriwal took Gandhi's name too, only to be greeted by his supporters' vocal approval.

An AAP spokesman later told IANS that Kejriwal did not have Gandhi's name on his list of "corrupt people" but took his name after being prompted by party delegates.

Kejriwal, who took over as Delhi's chief minister Dec 28, went on to attack Modi - the Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate - and Rahul Gandhi over their campaign expenditure.

"They spend Rs 500 crore for Modi's brand. Will those who spend so much on brand ever be able to give an honest government?" asked Kejriwal.

Kejriwal said the Congress and the BJP should make it public from where they get the financial resources on building the image of their prospective prime ministers.

"We have to ensure that no corrupt person is elected to parliament."

Amid intermittent clapping, the chief minister took the Congress - which props up his government - and the BJP to task for what he said were their failures despite having ruled Delhi in the past.

"Electricity charges have increased in the last five years. People wanted a CAG audit. But the (two) parties refused to get an audit done.

"We ordered an audit within five days (of taking power)," Kejriwal said.

The activist-turned-politician also condemned the BJP and the Congress for merely demanding all these years a probe into the 1984 anti-Sikh riots that left hundreds dead.

"We came to power, and I met the Lt. Governor some days back to demand a probe."

On the Lok Sabha election, Kejriwal said it did not matter in how many constituencies the AAP fielded candidates since the party's main goal was to fight corruption.

"Our aim should be to ensure that not a single corrupt person is in parliament," he said. "Also, no family should have a hold on it (parliament).

"The upcoming elections won't be an ordinary election. It will definitely bring about a change," Kejriwal said to thunderous applause.

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