Chapter 14 -SAMSKARAM-S :-7-1.

7. Past Samskaras Constitute Prarabdha-1.

When you are born, the mind is not a mere Tabula Rasa (a smooth or blank tablet or a blank sheet of white paper).

It is a storehouse of Samskaras, predispositions, predilections, etc.

A child is born with his Samskaras.

 A child is born with his past experiences transmuted into mental and moral tendencies and powers.

By experiences, pleasant and painful, man gathers materials and builds them into mental and moral faculties.

The earthly experiences are worked up into intellectual faculty.

The mind evolves through the impressions received from the universe through the senses.

It will take many bodies till it gathers the complete experience of the world.

Every man is born with his inborn or inherent Samskaras and these Samskaras are embedded, lodged or imprinted in the Chitta which is the seat for Prarabdha.

In earthly life, he gains many more Samskaras or experiences through actions and these are added to the original store and become the future Sanchita Karmas (accumulated actions).

Swami Sivananda
To be continued ..


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