Chapter 14 -SAMSKARAM-S :-5.

 5.Samyama Over Samskaras

Samskara is known as "residual potency" also.

When all Vrittis or thoughts die away, the frame of the mind remains with the Samskaras.

This is termed the Potential Mind.

In Vedantic parlance, it is called Antahkarana Matra.

All Samskaras co-exist in the mind.

The Vrittis slowly subside and leave traces in the mind.

These traces are the Samskaras.

From these Samskaras springs memory.

If you have Yogic vision, you can vividly notice the marvels that take place in the mental factory of an individual, how the Vritti arises in the mind-lake, how it subsides and how a Samskara is formed.

You will be struck with wonder.

Samyama over these Samskaras brings out the direct knowledge of the residual potencies.

A Yogin brings into direct consciousness the previous life-states by getting direct knowledge of their Samskaras.

Such knowledge can hardly be acquired in Universities.

A Yogin alone can impart this knowledge to deserving aspirants.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued ..


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