Chapter 14 -SAMSKARAM-S :- 12.2.

12. How To Acquire Good Samskaras -2.

You will have a very good birth. You will be placed in suitable environments in the next birth for unfolding the Divinity that is lurking in your heart, for practice of Yoga.

All opportunities and facilities will be given to you by God, through His grace (Isvara-Kripa) for your spiritual Sadhana.

Even by a little systematic spiritual practice (Yogabhyasa and Vedantic Sadhana), you can change your mentality, your old vicious Samskaras.

You can cut short several future births.

By practice for three years, you can free yourself from the clutches of births and deaths.

You are bound to become a Sannyasin.

Why not now in this very birth?

Why don't you cut short the cycle of unnecessary births and consequent miseries?

How long do you want to be a slave of the world, a slave of passions and Indriyas?

Wake up now. Do Sadhana and get immortality. Udharet-Atmana-Atmanam-Rouse the self by the Self.

Swami Sivananda
To be continued ..