"Intolerance" a new mantra of Congress, Communists, and the balance sundry opposition parties" :




Sub : "Intolerance" a  new  mantra of  Congress, Communists, and the balance sundry opposition parties"  :


All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

1. Earlier Secularism was the trump card vote-bank politics, and this term Secularism widely  used by anti BJP parties.

2. Now the new weapon is found "Intolerance".

3. All stupid drama, by hooligans who do not bother about the Nation or its people.

4. Congress and all  sundry parties failed in their attempt push the the ruling BJP DOWN.

5. Total foul display by the whole opposition, made the house a mental hospital, all  shouting  in  chorus.


1. Meenakshi Lekhi's  ( BJP )  outstanding, brilliant speech silenced the opposition arrogance, and the whole defeated  opposition thereafter kept silence.

2. Her talk was truth only, and beautifully pulled the shutter  down.

3. Fantastic performance, well  done!

My view points

1. All  MPs should cooperate and discuss an issue, and find a solution collectively or MPs should give useful suggestions, to solve an issue before the Government.

2. Instead the whole members score against each other, and end the day's business without any trasactions, a  waste public money.

3. The parliament is not performing well, as there members play politics, by blame game, or abuse each other.

4. The whole house look-like a fish-market, as each member display childish, foolish, ignorant talks, exposing their immaturity.

5. I feel  sad  that  we  have  sent  these unfit stupids to the parliament to waste sessions,and people money.

6. Watching Loksabha proceedings , no use, simply wastage of  our  own valuable time.

The Story below :

Intolerance debate in Lok Sabha: Congress raises Dadri, Kalburgi killing; BJP hits back :

The BJP-led NDA government is bracing up for a tough week in Parliament starting Monday, with Opposition parties giving a number of notices in both Houses seeking a debate on ‘intolerance’ in society and action against some ministers for their alleged provocative remarks.

Congress and JD-U have given notices in Rajya Sabha to discuss the issue after suspension of business under Rule 267, while in Lok Sabha Congress and CPI-M have submitted notices for a debate under rule 193, which does not entail voting or require suspension of business.


5:47 pm Trivedi calls for unity and ends his speech with famous Iqbal’s line – ‘Majhab Nahi seekhata aapas me bair rakhna’.

5:46 pm: Difference doesn’t mean defiance. Difference is must in democracy otherwise there will be one party rule in this country: Trivedi

5:44 pm It’s time to maintain the dignity of the Parliament. A radio jockey on a channel last evening said if you want to see ‘Tamasha’ without going to theatre,
you can watch the proceedings of Lok Sabha. This shows the reflection of people’s perception about Parliament: Trivedi

5:35 pm: Trinamool Congress leader Dinesh Trivedi speaking in Lok Sabha.

5:32 pm Opposition’s effort to prove that the country today is intolerant will fail: Lekhi

5:27 pm Intolerance is condemnable so are misinterpreted statements: Lekhi

5:20 pm Author Salman Rushdie’s book was banned in 80s when Congress was in power. And in 2012 he was not even allowed in a video conference. And today Congress leader is saying it was a mistake: Lekhi

5:15 pm: Section 66 A and press code was brought by Congress government. It shows how tolerant they were: Lekhi

5:12 pm: Why did Award Wapsi brigade not see 84 riots, Nellie massacre, riots in Hashimpura,Muzaffarnagar? Lekhi

5:08 pm Police raided Kerala house fearing another incidents like Dadri, says Lekhi as Congress MP raise slogans against government.

5:05 pm Dadri and Kalburgi are state subjects. Why are the state government not being questioned? How can the government at Centre be questioned for those incidents? Lekhi

5:04 pm Acts against cow slaughter was passed in various Congress-ruled states in past. But questions are being raised against BJP today: Lekhi

5:02 pm: Congress has followed the British way of divide and rule. Divide the majority and minority and play politics: Lekhi

4:59 pm: India is not an intolerant country and there is no evidence of intolerance to proof: Lekhi

4:59 pm: Incidents of communal violence have actually declined in last one year: Lekhi

4:57 pm: BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi replies to Venugopal’s allegations.

4:46 pm: Venugopal ends his speech with Rabindranath Tagore’s poem ‘Where the mind is without fear’

4:48 pm BJP president says strong action will be taken against those making irresponsible statement. But what did he say during Bihar rally, that if BJP loses in Bihar, people in Pakistan will celebrate. We didn’t see any celebrations in Pakistan. But people in India celebrated: Venugopal

4:47 pm No action by this government over these incidents. PM keeps complete silence when questioned on intolerance: Venugopal

4:44 pm Assam Governor is saying Hindustan is for Hindus, others can got anywhere else. Haryana CM is saying those who want to eat beef can go to Pakistan. What has been your reaction? Venugopal

4:41 pm: If anyone question the government only reply he get is go to Pakistan: Venugopal

4:41 pm: Actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan expressed their fear. But the reaction on there comments shows the depth of intolerance in the country: Venugopal

4:39 pm: We want you to sack minister VK Singh for his defamatory remark against minorities: Venugopal

4:38 pm Sudheendra Kulkarni face was smeared for hosting former Pakistan foreign minister by Shiv Sainiks. Concert of Ghulam Ali was cancelled following Shiv Sena threat. Scared of these incidents cricket umpire from Pakistan Aleem Dar pulled out of India-South Africa series. This is so unfortunate: Venugopal

4:34 pm: What actions have been taken against those policemen: Venugopal

4:31 pm: Delhi police raided Kerala house for illegally serving beef without even following procedure. Who had given them the authority to raid Kerala house: Venugopal

4:30 pm: PM didn’t mention these incidents (Dadri, Kalburgi killing) during his rallies, but wished Lata Mangeshkar on her birthday on Twitter: Venugopal

4:28 pm: Kalburgi was killed for expressing his views. In Dadri, a man was killed based on communal rumors: KC Venugopal

4:21 pm: KC Venugopal from Congress raises issue of intolerance and PM’s silence on it.

4:00 pm: Lok Sabha session resumes.

3.15 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned again for 40 minutes till 4 pm

3.00 pm: Lok Sabha adjourned again till 3:15 pm

2.05 pm: Let govt take action, ridiculous for House to be stalled, says Salim

As the House reconvened at 2.05 pm, Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy urged CPI-M MP Salim to withdraw his statement till the quote attributed to Rajnath Singh is proved. Salim, however, refused to withdraw his statement saying it was ‘ridiculous’ on the part of the government to ask him to withdraw his statement.
“You are in power, order a probe and investigate. As a reader (of the magazine) I have quoted what I said. I bought the magazine,” Salim said, adding, “I will not abide by any other ruling except that of the Chair.”

The House was then adjourned till 2.05 pm

1.05 pm: Withdraw statement till authenticity is proved, says Rajiv Pratap Rudy

BJP MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy said MP Salim should withdraw his statement till the journalist substantiates his article. Speaker Mahajan then adjourned the House for an hour. Proceedings will resume at 2.05 pm. The Speaker also expunged Salim’s comment for now.

Rajnath Singh had earlier demanded an apology from Salim, saying he was never hurt this much in his entire political career. “When have I said such a thing? Prove it or apologise,” Singh told Salim.

12. 45 pm: Uproar in Lok Sabha over ‘Rajnath Singh’s’ quote

As MP Salim quoted Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh from an Outlook Magazine article, BJP MPs in the House protested, with Rajnath Singh himself saying “this is a serious allegation against me and I have never said any such thing.”

The contentious quote, as published in Outlook Magazine, is: “The current strife is uncharted territory. It has the imprimatur of the “first Hindu ruler after 800 years” (to quote Union home minister Rajnath Singh on Modi’s election victory). ”

Reacting to the controversy, Singh condemned the statement and denied having ever said such a statement. Singh said: “Even minorities in this country know that Rajnath Singh can never make such a statement.”

Speaker Mahajan then said that the journalist who has quoted the Union Home Minister should substantiate the quote.

12.25 pm: Discussion on ‘intolerance’ begins in Lok Sabha

Raiganj MP Mohammad Salim (CPI-M) initiated the discussion on ‘intolerance’ in the country saying democracy is all about discussion, debate and dissent.

“Before people used to say NDA’s ‘hidden agenda’ now it’s no longer hidden. It’s all open,” Salim said. “They also talk about ‘fringe elements’. Who are these ‘fringe elements’? Ministers? Members of Parliament?… They compare Dalits to dogs,” he added.

“This isn’t a fascist country, it’s a democratic country. We want rational and secular India,” Salim.

“You don’t need to keep your ear to the ground. Along with your ‘outgoing calls’ you need to also allow ‘incoming calls’,” Salim said, referring to PM Modi’s one-way communication of Mann ki Baat.

Inder Malhotra’s column: How ‘secular’ and ‘socialist’ came to be in the Constitution

12.15 pm: Issue of price rise is important, says Veerappa Moily

Congress MP Veerappa Moily raised the issue of price rise saying it was a pressing issue and it needs to be discussed at the earliest. “Price rise is even linked to malnutrition,” Moily said.

“It cannot be washed away. It’s an important issue. I want a positive indication,” Moily said, after Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu said the government was ready to discuss when the Speaker permits.

11. 45 am: “I was born a Hindu but I won’t die a Hindu” – Mayawati quotes BR Ambedkar

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, Maywati hit out at Prime Minister for his ‘double standards’, saying:  “Lord Buddha gave the message of humanity and peace, a message which is much needed right now. Prime Minster Modi speaks of the greatness of Buddhism when he travels abroad but in India, he and his colleagues’s actions are against those teachings.”

“It would have been better if during the Constitution debate Prime Minister Modi had announced strong schemes for the weaker sections of society,” Mayawati said.

11.25 am: There is some intolerance in some parts of India: Naidu
Naidu, speaking in Rajya Sabha, said there was some level of intolerance in parts of the country, but it wasn’t as if these issues came up only during Modi’s rule. Naidu said such issues, including statements made by certain leaders, should be condemned and they should be sidelined.
“Let us tolerate the mandate of the people, we must respect that, whether you like it or not is not the issue,” Naidu said.

11. 13 am: Venkaiah Naidu initiates discussion on Constitution in Rajya Sabha

On day two of Rajya Sabha, Union Minister Naidu led the discussion on the Constitution of India, speaking of how leaders of the country need to be honoured for their contribution.

He also spoke of reservations in the country as well as states in the country that are currently backward. The issue of certain regions demanding statehood was also part of his discussion.

“Everyone wants to be backward. That’s the flavour of the season,” Venkaiah Naidu said.

11.10 am: No need to suspend Question Hour to discuss price rise, intolerance

Dismissing all suspension motions, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said while the issues of price rise and intolerance were important, there was no need to suspend Question Hour and that the discussions would take place later in the day.

The Opposition, however, did not disrupt the House over the Speaker’s decision, and the Question Hour followed with HRD Minister Smriti Irani responding to questions on education in the country.

11.00 am: No point in discussing hypothetical questions, says Kharge

Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Malikarjun Kharge today said the discussion on intolerance will come up whenever the Speaker decides to schedule it.
When asked about how the debate is likely to progress, Kharge said: “We can only comment after discussion takes place in the Lok Sabha”

Hope readers you have realized our representatives now  well.

Thank you for reading


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