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A. Law of Karma :

1. The Law of Karma is one of the fundamental doctrines of not only Hinduism, but also of Buddhism and Jainism.

2. As a man sows, so shall he reap. This is the law of Karma.

3. Desire produces Karma.

4. You work and exert to acquire the objects of your desire.

5. Karma produces its fruits as pain and pleasure.

6. You will have to take births after births to reap the fruits of your Karmas.

7. This is the law of Karma.

8. The doctrine of reincarnation or transmigration is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism.

9. You will not cease to exist after death.

10. Before this birth you have passed through countless lives.

11. The word 'reincarnation' literally means coming again into a physical body.

12. The individual soul takes again a mortal vehicle.

13. The individual soul takes again a mortal vehicle.

14. The word 'transmigration' means passing from one plane to another-passing into a new body.

15. The doctrine of rebirth is a corollary to the law of Karma.

16. The differences of disposition that are found between one individual and another must be due to one's respective past actions.

17. Past action implies past birth.

18. Further, all your Karmas cannot certainly bear fruit in this birth alone.

19. Therefore, there must be another birth for enjoying the remaining actions.

20. Each soul has a series of births and deaths.

21. Births and deaths will continue till you attain knowledge of the Self.

22. You do not come into the world in total forgetfulness and in utter darkness.

23. You are born with certain memories and habits acquired in the previous births.

24. Desires take their origin from previous experiences.

25. We find that none is born without desire.

26. Every being is born with some desires, which are associated with the things enjoyed by him in the past life.

27. The desire proves the existence of his soul in the previous lives.

28. Man contains within himself infinite possibilities.

29. The magazine of power and wisdom is within him.

30. He has to unfold the Divinity within.

31. This is the object of living and dying.

B. Hindu Sects :

1. A foreigner is struck with astonishment when he hears about the diverse sects and creeds of Hinduism.

2. But, these varieties are really an ornament to Hinduism.

3. They, certainly, are not its defects. There are various types of mind and temperament. So, there should be various faiths also. This is but natural. This is the cardinal tenet of Hinduism. There is room in Hinduism for all types of souls-from the highest to the lowest-for their growth and evolution.

4. The term Hinduism is most elastic.

5. It includes a number of sects and cults, allied, but different in many important points.

6. Hinduism has, within its fold, various schools of Vedanta, Saivism, Saktism, Vaishnavism, etc.

7. It has various cults and creeds.

8. It is more a league of religions than a single religion with a definite creed.

9. It is a fellowship of faiths.

10. It is a federation of philosophies.

11. It accommodates all types of men.

12. It prescribes spiritual food for everybody, according to his qualification and growth.

13. This is the beauty of this magnanimous religion.

14. This is the glory of Hinduism.

15. Hence there is no conflict among the various cults and creeds.

16. Sanatan Dharmists, Arya Samajists, Deva Samajists, Jains, Sikhs and Brahmo Samjists are all Hindus only.

17. Despite all the difference of metaphysical doctrines, modes of religious discipline, and forms of ritualistic practices and social habits prevalent in the Hindu society, there is an essential uniformity in the conception of religion, and in the outlook on life and the world, among all sections of Hindus.

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