A reminder : to Congress of its own past ! The oppostion's cruel game against PM is not justified!! PM is on his duties!!!




Sub : A  reminder  :  to Congress of  its own past !  The opposition's cruel game against PM is not justified!!  PM is on his duties!!!

Ref : Print & Visual media reports

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.



1. Sonia Gandhi leads Congress leaders in 'anti-intolerance march' to petition President Mukherjee

2. A charged-up Congress chief Sonia Gandhi led party leaders on Tuesday to petition President Pranab Mukherjee over rising intolerance in the country and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the issue.

3. “We expressed our grave concern at the growing atmosphere of fear, intolerance and intimidation in our country being deliberately created by sections of the ruling establishment… A sinister campaign has been unleashed to create social and communal tension,” Sonia said after meeting the President.

4. Shortly before the Congress march started, a group of protesters reached Vijay Chowk raising slogans against the party’s role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. They were quickly whisked away by the police.


Jaitley says there is no intolerance :

1. "This country has never been intolerant and will never be intolerant,” said Jaitley.

2. “We are the most vibrant democracy. The atmosphere will not change only by talking. If some incident happens like the one in Karnataka, which is Congress-ruled, you cannot link it to the Centre.

3.  The BJP and Congress have locked horns over the issue of growing intolerance in society, with PM Narendra Modi on Monday saying the Congress president had no moral right to lecture the NDA on tolerance and it should hang its head in shame for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots where thousands were massacred.

4. Replying to the question on whether the government is talking to filmmakers who are returning awards, Jaitley wondered when there is an atmosphere of peace in the country, what is the justification in returning awards.

5. Jaitley downplayed film-star Shah Rukh Khan’s comments after he joined the chorus against growing intolerance in the country saying that religious intolerance and not being secular... is the worst kind of crime that you can do as a patriot.


Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has termed the recent spate of award wapsi as an international conspiracy to defame the Modi  government :

1. Maneka has spoken exclusively to the India Today Group, in her first full length interview ever since she became a minister.

2. Maneka said that three incidents that have nothing to do with the central government are being linked to give the government a bad name internationally.

3. “There are three incidents - Kalburgi’s murder, Dadri lynching and the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as FTII chief.

4. "For Kalburgi, it is the Karnataka government which is responsible. We have been telling them to hand over the case to the CBI but they have made no effort. As of now we don’t even know if Kalburgi was murdered because of a dispute or for political reasons,” she said.

5. “The second incident is Dadri lynching, which is the responsibility of the UP government. It is true that cow slaughter is a big issue, but it is an economic issue and not communal. To deal with the issue we have to approach the problem from an economic perspective,” Maneka added.

6. On FTII protests, she said: “There I agree that the best person should be made in-charge, but the other incidents are directly linked to state governments and yet an impression is being created that the Modi government is responsible.”

7. The minister also hit out at those who returned their awards, saying: “Why are they not returning their awards to the state governments where these incidents have happened? Why are they returning it to the central government? It’s because their protests are not genuine.”


'Returning awards will not have any effect', says filmmaker : By Mail Today Bureau

1. After Shah Rukh Khan and Vidya Balan, veteran Tamil actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan is the latest to declare he will never return an award bestowed upon him by the nation for his work.

2. The 60-year-old actor Kamal Hasan said his intention was not to insult the protest efforts of the 10 film personalities, including filmmakers Dibakar Banerjee and Anand Patwardhan who had returned National Awards to express concern over the rising culture of intolerance.



Patra Takes Aim at Vadra, Naidu Trashes 'Intolerance' Argument

By Express News Service Published: 04th November 2015 06:09 AM.

Ref : The New Indian Express.

1. NEW DELHI: The BJP on Tuesday termed the Congress’ march to the President’s residence a march of “intolerance against the investigations” against Robert Vadra. The ruling party said the Congress was rattled as investigations had begun against Vadra, so it was trying to carry out a march on some pretext.

2. As BJP spokespersons took swipes at Vadra asking what “tantric talent” he had to multiply money several times over in each transaction. Vadra is Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law.

3. “This march is happening when you are going to get caught and the investigation has come to your doorstep. Knowing very well that within a few days your story will be over and people of this country will know that you stand for corruption and corruption alone, you have started this farce of a march,” BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said.

4. “Robert Vadra owns a company called Skylight Hospitality. They bought land in Bikaner in 2010 for around Rs 79 lakh. They sold this land to a company called Elgini Finlease Private Limited. Elgini takes a loan of Rs 5.64 crore to buy land. This Elgini is owned by a Congress member,” Patra alleged.

5. “The shareholders of this company are non- existent. So Robert Vadra sold land to a fake company. And this company got an unsecured loan of Rs 5.64 crore from a company called as Bhushan Power and steel limited,” he added.

6. “Here they go again... Whenever they get insecure, they concoct some false accusations on me. The nation is not misguided by their tactics anymore,” Vadra said on Twitter, in response.

7. BJP leaders targeted the Congress with Minister Venkaiah Naidu saying “politically-displaced” people were challenging the democratic mandate. BJP held two separate press conferences on the issue. Naidu said Congress leaders should have marched to Raj Bhawans, as “stray unfortunate” incidents happened in states ruled by Congress or parties friendly to it.

8. “It is a well-organised effort to defame our cultural ethos... This ongoing campaign is a clear effort to derail developmental momentum. They don’t want Modi government to succeed. Now to say that intolerance is raising suddenly is far from truth,” he said.

My view points

1. Politics in this country has no morality.

2. Politicians  forget his/her own mis-deeds and blame others for their own  failures and indiscipline.

3. Insead of stupid marches, protests  and  returning awards  etc.,  these  people  should  have done correction  and  uplift programmes  to  the  wrong - doers.

4. It is better, that political parties do  some constructive foundation  duties to boost PM's  efforts, for countries  development, both material  and  spiritual  sides.


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