Sanatana dharmam / Hinduism is defamed by the deeds of its own followers




Sub : Sanatana dharmam / Hinduism is defamed by the deeds of its own followers

Ref : Media reports - Flame of / burning intolerance


1. Black ink & Engine oil pouring on MLA.

2. Mis behaviour of Hindusena, Sivsena,and  Hindumahasabha.

3. Historian MGS. Narayanan Bomb shell to cheer muslims at Calicut ( Mathrubhumi daily dated 20/10/2015.)

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


1.The so called Hindu organisations, are ignorant about Sanatanadharmam,

2. If one turns back and study of other Semitic religions ,they have the history of violence everywhere throughout their journey.

3. The Rishi parampara, the the three great Aharyas, and later, Gurus starting from as Sri Ramakrishna  and  the texts, Scriptures of Bharatham never mention undue violence ......

4. The peaceful coexisting of different religions possible, only, when  there is mutual respect among them.

5. It is seen due to our dirty politics, the peace never achieved, as severe exploitation is going on till  now....
6. Minority religious groups are well  organised and have the political support with their own communal parties.

7.The National party Congress was in power maximum term, they were following the tactics of divide and rule as the British.

8. All other fragments of small parties, regional parties, the communists, took their share by collaborating with Congress using the tool secularism, to their advantage, condemning Hindus.

9. Mentioning the term Hindu is harmful in their minds as secularism is in danger this is the frequent approach of these dirty groups

10. Thus this ended in blaming the ruling party as communal, and Modi is Hitler by all Congress men, joining in this chorus, includes all foxes, and jackals, leaving on the background Muslim league and Kerala congress like similar parties, enjoying the fun ...


The Historian another ignorant statement, being Hindu, it is shame on his part displaying ignorance of our culture and scriptures.

1. First he does not know who is a brahmana!

2. Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : Chapter-4. Slokam-13.

3. Here Lord Krishna What is catur varenyam, how this classified, on what basis, etc....

4.  Terms Guna-Karma-vibhaga is the basis of classifcation.

5. Under this any one who has the Satvic-guna and his karma is giving Jnanam to others comes under the heading brahmana.

6. Sattvam is the first guna in triguna.

7.Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : Chapter-14. deals with triguna in detail...

8. In this chapter Lord Krishna explains the nature of sattva gunam.

Part 4.

The Accusation of the historian is that brahmana  consumed beef meat  and he has proof for this.

1. Srimad Bhagavad-Gita : Chapter-17. Slokam-8.

2. Here in this slokam Lord Sri Krishna explains : - What is satvicc food,, one who has satvic guna  like satvic food only.


1. To increase life span, inner  strength,  health,  happiness,  and  satisfaction;  to enable these things the food that is tasty, added with ghee, well nourish the body, which well  suiting the system, this type food is well in the interest of satvic guna holders.

2. Hence the one who is satvic and a jnani contributing jnanam to others is on the top of the classification, he/she is brahmana

3. Now tell me  what we do with this historian, who openly defame the Lord and Sanatana Dharmam.

My view Points

1. Stop this nonsense of spitting each other.

2. Learn the Nation.

3. Learn this country's Sanatana Dharmam.

4. Study our Texts and Scriptures under a true Guru.

5. Do not attempt this word Secularism for wrong selfish motives, and defame this county's culture.

6. Hindus, BJP, all senas, other political parties, Muslims, Christians and other religious groups  respect this country's ancient culture, it is not Islam, or Christianity, so don't use secularism for your personal interests, respect this country, you are born in this holy nation, Muslims in this country is Bharatheya as well as Christians, do not feel shame, you cannot be  Arabian or western.

7. Stop this dirty politics ( Congress and others ) and divide citizens, BJP is National Party, and ruling at present, contribute positively.....

Note :

1. I am spiritual man, I  am not a follower of any political party, or groups.

2. I  am lucky to born in this Holy Nation, no where in the world you  find our Sanatana Dharam.

3. You will not find a text as Srimad Bhagavad-Gita any where, and this text most respected through out the world  ...

Thank you for reading


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