Chapter 13-CHITTA AND MEMORY-6-1.


When you desire to remember a thing, you will have to make a psychic exertion.

You will have to go up and down into the depths of the different levels of subconsciousness and then pick up the right thing from a curious mixture of multifarious irrelevant matter.

Just as the railway sorter in the Railway Mail Service takes up the right letter by moving the hand up and down along the different pigeon-holes, so also the sorter subconscious mind goes up and down along the pigeon-holes in the subconscious mind and brings the right thing to the level of normal consciousness.

The subconscious mind can pick up the right thing from a heap of various matters.

In a big surgical clinic, the assistant surgeon allows only one patient to enter the consultation room of the senior surgeon for examination.

Even so, the mind allows one idea only to enter the mental factory at a time through the mind door (Manodvara).

The subconscious mind brings to the threshold of the conscious mind, during an act of Smriti (memory), the right thing at the right moment, suppressing all others.

It serves the part of a censor and allows only relevant memories to pass by.

What a wonderful mechanism it is!

 Who is the driver for these dual minds?

Who created these?

What a magnanimous Being He must be! My hairs stand on their ends when I think of Him!

My pen quivers when I write.

Don’t you like to dwell with Him?

What a great privilege and joy it is to be in communion with Him!

Swami Sivananda
To be continued ..