River Kaveri ( Karnataka ) Bharatham -

Chapter-12. THEORY OF PERCEPTION : 5-4.


When you see a mango tree, it is external to you.

There is externality.

The mango tree is a mental percept.

It is a mental concept also.

There is no mango tree apart from the mind.

You know the existence of the tree through the mind only.

There is a mental image in the mind.

The image in the mind plus the external something is the mango tree.

Even if you close your eyes, you can get at the image through memory.

The green colour of the leaves is due to a certain rate of light vibrations (say, 10 millions of vibrations).

These light vibrations strike at the retina and are taken to the vision centre at the back of the brain.

The mango-leaves have the power to split the white rays and absorb the green colour only.

So says science.

Swami Sivananda

To be continued ...


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