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Sub : Malayalanadu's ( Kerala ) Fate :

Ref : 1. In the Dirty Grips of two Evils  -

1. LDF ( Corrupting, Arrogant, Violent, Opportunists,  undemocratic, siding communal  acts according to convenience , with NO vision, NO administrative skills, POOR Management skills, Claims Secular, abuse  BJP  as communal, untouchable, not good in any angles )

2. UDF( Association  of  Communal  parties, Add  all adjectives  applied to  LDF as above, not good in  any angles )

3. People : Headless, no common sense to understand the above mentioned evil groups.

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


The bharatiya  Janata party  is a political movement with  clear and specific policies, programs ,outlook and a well oiled organizational machinery .BJP was formed at a national conclave held in Bombay on April 6th 1980.the kerala unit of BJP also came into the existence at the same conclave with O.Rajagopal as the  first state president .Ten days later, on April 1th a state delegates meet was held and state office bearers were elected.

The BJP has an organizational presence in all assembly constituencies, panchayats  and of the Booth level in Kerala  .It is a belief that political survival in kerala depends on becoming constituent of a coalition . The BJP has proved this wrong and won the support of 8% of the population. The party has intervened in issues affecting the people and made an impact almost equal to the major coalitions. People have been our Source of strength in a situation where many parties will fail to secure even 2% of people’s support where this to stand on their own feet. the potential for BJP is enormous and opponents view it with fear .Hence Opposition increases.

Right from the jana sangh ,there was presence in local bodies controlled by BJP has increased significantly. But it has not been able to get its  representatives to Lok Sabha and State Assembly. This happens because the two warring coalitions collude to prevent BJP from winning .This has been witnessed many times  in the legislative constituencies of kasargod and Manjeswaram.

Even while it lacked parliamentary representation ,BJP did a lot for Kerala .O.Rajagopal ,who was elected   from Madhya Pradesh to Rajya Sabha did miracles for kerala when he was minister of state for railways .The  NDA regime proved that BJP is able to contribute to the development of the state tran -sendig narrow political interests.

BJP functions in Kerala in a hostile environment  .It faces not only ideological opposition but even physical threats.The  intolerance of its opponents offer leads to physical attack and loss of precious lives .Many have been maimed.

Coalition politics which divides peoples in to majority and minority and then appeases the minority and ignores the majority has caused hearth urn to large sections of people. BJP is the only Movement they can rely upon BJP is optimistic about its opportunities in kerala.

Present scenario :

1. Muslims cast their votes only to Muslim &  Muslim league candidates, or as per instructions from their religious heads.

2. Christians do as Muslims do i.e,  to Christian &  Christian parties i.e,  Kerala Congress  or as per Church says.

3. Kerala is still, technically, a state where the majority of the population is Hindu. The data for the 2011 Census are not out but according to the 2001 numbers, 56.2 percent of Keralites were Hindus, 24.3 percent were Muslims, and 19 percent were Christians.

4. Still the Hindu  population is the majority, then Why and How these two Evil blocks win elections every time alternatively.

 My view points :-

1. Hindus, predominantly divided into as many countless  castes.

2. None to organise them above caste, and unite to defeat these Fundamentalist, Evil, Asuric/Demonic groups  formed under various political parties and made a contractual association into two blocks namely UDF & LDF,  ruling and ruining this state into a separate entity from National level, falling into HELL, because of these two ASURA GROUPS.

3. Kerala .BJP works silently, not vociferous, not revolutionary as LDF, and not communal as UDF,  without support from any angles,

4. They are able, already the have proven by Sri O Rajagopal, when he was given the responsibility  of Railways under BJP at the Centre.

5. Then Why and How they are not winning any elections! ?

6. Because of foolishness of Hindu population here, they do not want to unite anywhere in Bharatham out of fear of losing "RESERVATION BENEFITS"

7. Congress, Communists, and all  regional, one leader, family, dynastic system  of self- interested groups associated in political parties, all  want this Reservation to sustain in order to divide Hindus into many caste groups, so they may totally keep Majority Hindu as minority groups of castes, to make their goal successful.

8. This game plan still existing, and continuing for the benefits of these EVIL SET UPS.

9. Though BJP Government thinks, to change the RESERVATION POLICY (not by caste but by economically  weaker sections of the society), to  see  the total opposition to this new policy from all the opposition parties ),

10. This helpless situation makes the opposition make merry, to play communal, caste politics to their advantage.

Note : Hindus must realise and ready to accept new policy, as and when creamy layer is considered in general category, thereafter weaker sections certainly enjoy the support from the Government to their progress and development.

Hence the dirty politics of opposition will be shattered, for the BEST FUTURE OF BHARATHAM.

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