Upanishadik Culture of Bharatham i.e, Sanatana Darmam which is called as "Hinduism"




Sub : -  Degradation of Hinduism  by 1. Intentional groups, 2. Groups  Ignorant  of  Hinduism 3. Hindus themselves :

Ref : - Media Reports :-

1. Article written by M P Virendrakumar in Mathrubhumi daily. and the response letters ..

2. Arrogant and ignorant talks of Sri Vellapulli in SNDP meetings  .....

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

 My View Points

1. Sri MP Virendrakumar being Hindu is biased man active in tarnishing Hindus and ( Hindu ) Bharatheeya Philosophy.

2. Being an Elite, Rich, estates owned  media  owner cum politician,  has  lot  of  ambitions,  looking  for  opportunities  of  power,  joining  various  groups,  leaving  them  if  not  convenient  to  his  ambitions,   break his own party  into  two  and  look  to  break  further  as  Kerala  Congress ( Communal  Christian  political  parties ) think too  high  of  himself,  and  defame  this  country's  Paithrukam,  Culture, and Tradition in  the  name  of  Secularism ( against  this  original ancient  Sanatana  Dharmam namely Hinduism. )

3. He is an opportunist politician cum rich, always in the camp of Muslim league  and Kerala Congress, or stepping in and out of  UDF OR LDF,  to dress up  and survive to defame Hindus and Hinduism.

4. Though I am sad and pity on such  so called  wise  thinker  why attempt these  types  of  vehement actions.

5. Now about Sri Vellapulli, who  has no idea  of Hinduism or this ancient culture Sanatana Dharmam, talks too  loose  inflicting  himself  as  he is also Hindu.
He is on Catur-varenyam - He must undergo study class of Srimad Bhagavad-gita under a eligible Guru, and understand What Lord Sri Krishna Said in Chapter-4. Slokam -13, about Catur-varenyam, it is not caste system as it present now, but a guna and karma classification  only..... any one  may / can shift himself according to changing  guna  and  karmam. Being Hindu Sri Vellapulli must know the tattvam of  What Bhagavan said and not show his ignorance  in  the  public..

6. It seemed  to  me that  he  is  not  a  true  follower  of  Sri Narayana Guru,  As  Guru  worked  for  whole  humanity  and not  for  a  particular  community ( Eshava  and  thiyya ).

7. SNDP : Till  this  day  I don't  understood  the  lakshyam  of  this  Organisation / Trust / Yogam  which ever name is  correct, not sure, totally  work against  Bharatheeya Sanatana Dharmam called  Hinduism.

8. Sivagiri Madom : In the recent fearsome floods  in Himalayan temples district,  few Sanyasins  of  this  madom  made hue  and  cry  for  not  getting  facilities  on  priority  basis,  and quarreling  with  workers  of  Rescue-Mission, see  the  fun  instead  of  rendering  service  to  sufferers,  what they have done.

9. They should see example of the  active participation of Matha Amrthanadamayi madom volunteers in  the  calamity  and  destructive  situation  of  the  divine  Nature ( which  is  one  Prkruthi of Lord ).

10. Other  communities  of  Hindus,  ( all  fragments ) are just onlooking  creatures, make  more  and  more  narrow  compartments  among  themselves  and  busy  to  demand  reservations  for  their  silly groups  which never  going  to  happen.

Note :

1. King Porus who  fought  with  Great Roman Emperor Alexander, with  great  courage  when  the  other  kings  of  this  Nation  were  onlookers  sitting idle  in  their  safe  forts  and  Alexander  found  difficult to  defeat  Porus,  and  finally  made  it  with  some treachery  of  others.

2.Later King Prithvi Raj stopped  Muslim  invasions,  and  defeated  them in  all  attempts, again  the  own  countrymen's  treachery ( His  own  father in law ) the Rajput King was slayed by the invader, ending in Muslim rule in Bharatham.

3. The slavery under Christian rule (  British, French, Dutch, Portuguese ... ), started  in  different way, arrived here to do business, and our own country men's   activities  made us to become slaves under the  invaders

4. Why this happened?

5. We are not united then, we were in fragments, not  willing  to  help each  others to  defend this  holy  Nation,  this  attitude  still  continuing  even  now  by  political parties, politicians, and  Hindus themselves....

6. This land of Great Brahmarishi-s, Maharisi-s, Rishi-s  and  Great  Acharya-s Swami Adi Sankaracharya  and so on,  should  keep  their  efforts  high  and  save  and  sustain  this  Sanatana Dharmam for  ever, let us do it......

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