Nation's Destiny! Present leaders cum politicians quality, conduct, standards ?




Sub :  Nation's Destiny!

Ref :  Present  leaders  cum politicians  quality, conduct, standards ?

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.


It is a folly of our ignorant leaders, ignorant heads of state, who have no knowledge of the real man and his destiny.

They think all their subjects in their countries are just earth creatures who have to be given some little education in colleges and universities and have to be fed and clothed.

Therefore various social and political philosophies have sprung up in order to keep man well clothed, well fed, with medical aid, housing, schooling and all these things.

They have but touched the outermost edge of the real human being.

They do not know man.

Man is still the unknown quantity for these secular rulers who are themselves blind and in deep darkness of their ignorance.

They have no knowledge, no wisdom, no real perception.

They have crammed their brains only with book-knowledge and are no better than computers.

For a computer can also be given a lot of knowledge if you feed enough data into its computer-brain.

And immediately it will tell you everything you want to know, and also what you don’t want to know.

When man gets old his memory goes and he forgets whatever he has learnt.

So this is not the real man.

A great doctor and scientist Alexis Carrel, has written a book "Man the Unknown", that man whom man himself does not know.


So our secular heads of state, with their bodybound consciousness, who are slaves of their senses and passions, who don’t know themselves and the real destiny of man, what can they provide for this inner process of evolution?

It is only the wisdom teaching of the sages and seers, of the great mystics of the ancient times, the medieval times and the modern times who can give you solid directions and light upon the path of man’s great destiny to divine perfection.

Place and time, background and culture do not matter—their ultimate absolute experiences were all identical.

Therefore my beloved brethren, the destiny of man is not what the limited vision of social or political theoreticians may give.

They can only talk about the terrestrial level. It is the mystics who can tell you : -

"You are more than man. And therefore your destiny is more than a human destiny—it is a divine destiny!"

This human status is a wonderful opportunity and chance given to you to be utilized in an intelligent manner for working through this present state of bodybound and gross material consciousness into a higher state of free spiritual and divine consciousness.

It is the ultimate goal of life.

This is your true destiny.

You have come here to work out that DIVINE DESTINY!



1. Present politicians  are  ignorant,

2. Present  heads  of  states  are  ignorant,

3. The above have no  knowledge of politics, governance  and  the states,

4. They have no vision of  their  own  applicable on  their  states,

5. They  have  no  discrimination, determination, honesty, sincerity  and  dedication,

6. They talk senseless  and  act  foolishly or  no  action  at  all.

My view points

1. As  for  all  cadres  need  selection  eligibility,  skills  etc.,

2. As  for  all  cadres  need  training,  after  selection,

3. As  for  all  cadres  need  to  pass  through  rigorous  tests,

4. As  for  all  cadres  need  to  conduct  verification, before appointment,

5. Politicians  also  must  go  through  all  above  criteria,  before filing  nomination for any elections.

6. After  being  elected  put under apprenticeship  to understand the Parliament / Assembly

7. After  Probation period,  if found  unfit, should  be  called  back, cancelling  election,

8. Best  in  the  probation  must  replace  the  vacant  seat,

9. After  finding,  any  thing wrong  in  conduct,  disqualify  for  all  future  elections,

10. Annual  confidential  report  must  be kept  for  future  actions  on  politicians.  


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