Chapter 18. The Power Of Thought-6.

6. Thought Weaves Destiny-2.

It is difficult to explain the detailed workings of thought and Karma.

Every Karma produces twofold effects, one on the individual mind and the other on the world.

Man makes the circumstances of his future life by the effect of his actions upon others.

Every action has a past which leads up to it; every action has a future which proceeds from it.

An action implies a desire which prompted it and a thought which shaped it.

Each act is a link in an endless chain of causes and effects, each effect becoming a cause and each cause having been an effect; and each link in the endless chain is welded out of three components-desire, thought and activity.

A desire stimulates a thought; a thought embodies itself in an act.

Selfish coveting of the possessions of others, though never carried out into active cheating in the present, makes one a thief in a later earth-life, while hatred and revenge secretly cherished are the seeds from which the murderer springs.

So again, unselfish loving yields as harvest the philanthropist and the saint; and every thought of compassion helps to build the tender and pitiful nature which belongs to one who is a friend to all creatures.

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Swami Sivananda
To be continued  ....