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Sub :-  Abolish Reservation or quota system on caste and religion basis : -

Ref : - Caste System - A curse - must be abolished

1. Reservations are nothing but means to prosper the vote banks of politicians.

2. They are hindering the country’s growth, development and competency in all aspects.

3. Thus reservations are anti-thesis of development and equality.

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

1. Introduction

Reservation should be purely made on the basis of the economical conditions of the applicant and nothing else.

The kind of reservation policy that our government currently follows does nothing but divide the society into different sections.

Firstly we need to understand that the reservation system only divides the society leading to discrimination and conflicts between different sections.

It is oppressive and does not find its basis in casteism.

It is actually the antithesis of a communal living.

Whether to have a reservation/quota system or not is still a debatable question in India.

The Indian Constitution has a law for the same and according to this; reservation has been made to bring underprivileged classes at par with privileged or general ones.

There are numerous reservations like reservation for women,

reservation for physically challenged,

reservation for economically backward class, reservation for Scheduled Castes etc.

Though, reservation system is an evident discrimination, but it had been started with a very good objective of uplifting the socially backward society to give them equality of opportunities.

But with time its meaning and the way it has been taken by the people has left many of us to believe that it has stopped delivering for what it was made.

People have started misusing it.

There are many examples of people making false documents just to get a seat in a college or a job.

This leaves the more eligible candidate to give their seat to a person belonging to a reserve category.

2. What has led to the formulation of reservation system in India? :


The deep rooted caste system in India is the actual cause of the reservation system.

Dominantly, the skin colour of the person was taken into account at the time when caste system came into being, like the fairer ones enjoyed being Brahmins or upper caste and the darker ones were Shudras or lower caste.

This led to the total segregation of our society and to equalize this, the idea of reservation came into existence after independence.

Hence in 1950 the quota for backward classes was made and from time to time many new quotas and reservations have been added to this.


But still, the condition of so called underprivileged sections in India are the same even that we have crossed so many decades of independence.

Reservation is working in the opposite direction to its main objective as is demarcating the society further.

It is being used to uplift one section of the society at the cost of another, which is not fair.

Instead of this there should be equal opportunities for all.

Moreover, a capable candidate does not need any certificate of being from a lower caste to prove their worth.

It is his mind, education and ability to compete that can bring change in life.

Taking a seat just by showing your under privileged certificate won’t give you anything, but just the degree or a job.


Also the reservation system in India is creating a workforce which is not capable enough to compete at the global level.

India needs people for growth and development but reservation is adding undeserving candidates as well.

So I think reservation system should be demolished and if the government really wants to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society then a well-balanced policies should be formulated.

First of all such sections of the society should be clearly identified that need development and financial aids.

Then to uplift them free education, or incentives and financial assistance should be provided.

Once done let them face the competition, true competition.

Make them capable, show them  the right path and infuse a fighting spirit in them as no one is against healthy competition.


There was a quota system in US as well, but it was abolished long ago.

But it does not mean that they are not working for the underprivileged in their society.

For admission and appointment purposes, now they have point systems in which people from backward regions are given some extra points but, not a certain number of seats.

So, though the government is helping the needy, but it is not at all discriminating or snatching away the rights of eligible candidates.


Also from time to time such reforms or laws must be evaluated by experts and their impact on the development of under privileged and overall society must be assessed.

Also, calculate the way these are changing the per capita income, number of people below poverty line etc.


Politicians should stop using reservation system as a gimmick to have a permanent vote bank.

Education should not be a part of politics.

Instead nurture the saplings right from childhood for their bright future and then there won’t be any need of so called reservation system in India.

We don’t need reservations based on castes or religion but only to actually provide aid to those who have minimal resources; and merit should be given equal  and due importance in admission procedures as well employment opportunities.

This way we would be successful in removing caste discrimination and unite the economically rich together in helping the economically poor, irrespective of their castes.

On one hand the preamble of our constitution states that we are a free, democratic and sovereign nation and on the other hand reservation system is chaining all these aspects into its clutches.

It is creating disparity and differences amongst the people.

The constitution lays down that every child has a right to education and no where expresses that any child belonging to a backward class has a little more of this right than the general category.

By reserving one category against another creates a feeling of division which is now resulting in a chaos with every small section of the society asking for it.

Note :

1. In the Higher Education institutes and Government Bodies reserved category people are given the relaxations,

2. which results in admission of people who have lower aggregate percentage of marks both in academics & competitive exams.

3. The Financial status of the reserved category people is increasing, and well supported by the government.

4. The percentage of SC, ST, and OBC in government institutions have risen sharply, today the total percentage of reserved category persons working in these institution is about 40%.

5. The exploited non reserved category persons who missed the opportunity because someone else has taken his place have become deprived and miserable in the poor economic conditions of India.

6. The population of reserved category community has increased through the years since 1990, though the government still has not made any policy and official statistics of Indian population based on caste, which are still pending to be released to the public.

7. Several Unreserved or General category communities has started demanding reservation for them, these communities which include (Gujars & Jats of State of Haryana, Seers, Patels of state of Gujarat, etc.).

8. Some philosophers believe that India has lost its pace for the development due to the reservation in India, because more capable persons were not offered the places which they deserved on the bases of acts done in past.

9. Some think that reservation in India is not good for society since the people were still remain divided among themselves due to the increase and decrease of Financial and Social status in the society.

My view points :

A. Make education mandatory and free for all till age of 15;

B. Propose reservation based on economic status;

C. Provide opportunity to students to earn while they study.

D. Instead of introducing reservations for these backward classes what is required is to bring about revolutionary changes in our education system at the grass-root level.

E. When proper education is not provided to children belonging to such categories during the primary stage itself then on what basis are the reservations provided at a subsequent stage.

F. To uproot casteism it is important that we fight against  the reservation system - which alone will lead us to development, competency, equality and unity.


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