Chapter 15- Sankalpa : 2-1.

2. Sankalpa Only Is Samsara-1.

When Sankalpa increases prodigiously, it is in no way beneficial.

It is for evil only.

The cause of bondage is Sankalpa.

It is all the Sankalpas and Vasanas which you generate that enmesh you as in a nest.

You become subject to bondage through your own Sankalpas and Vasanas like a silk-worm in its cocoon.

Sankalpa of the mind itself is pain.

Its absence is Brahmic bliss.

Sankalpa only is Samsara; its destruction is Moksha.

It is the Sankalpa of the mind that brings about this world with all its moving and fixed creatures.

The poisonous tree of the great Maya's illusion flourishes more and more out of the seed of the mind's modifications, full of Sankalpa, in the soil of the variegated enjoyments of the world.

Swami Sivananda
To be continued ....