Safe guarding and nurturing of Evils in Bharatham :




Sub :  Safe guarding and nurturing of Evils in Bharatham

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1. Diminishing Holiness & Character among Citizens;

2. Major  Wide spread corruption Points : - ( a)  Supply department  b) Revenue department  c)  Tax department  ( centre and states ) d) customs and excise...

3. Exploiting the Caste system to syphon benefits and survival of unfits over-riding the bests - "RESERVATION"

4. Exploitation of Religion : a) Human-gods, their frequent visits to foreign countries b) secret foreign funds to nurture fundamentalism

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

My view points :

1. Recent events on beef consumption etc., :

The cattle in our country is neglected when they are no more use to the owner ( of any religious-faiths ), he is not prepared to look after them till their last day as human. He is not ready to honour the cattle for its great service rendered, this tendency to be stopped, if any thing we observe i.e, "cow is holy".

Secondly  the Nation's Judiciary : and Policing :

Police in this country not to be blamed, after crime the criminals apprehended in a short time, but the lawyers character and political interference make the prosecution helpless to see the criminal escapes, Judge cannot be blamed, as lawyers are siding the criminals, and manipulate the case.

So widespread decay in character witnessed by means of crimes.

2. a) Public distribution : is corrupted, any how Centre is taking the steps by subsidy through banks.

b) Registration of real estates transactions :

Secondly, regarding revenue department registration is most corrupted through out the country, here again all transaction through banks ( buy/sell ), and all charges from stamp vendor, document writing, extra before registration all payments done by cheques only, involving banks, revenue loss through stamp duty can be avoided, under valuation curtailed cent percent in this manner.

c) No transactions should be allowed without a bill, and  all payments is by cheques/ debit cards, so tax is collected on the spot from the seller, the tax is credited direct in the treasury, all escape routes is cut, no exemptions should be allowed,  by  way as many sections...

d) Airports, are main smuggling points with the help of customs, and Airport employees, again the carrier and baggage scanning be vigilant all over the world, all baggage is checked on the arrival points, if anything found unusual, is verified, and crime is suspended, and caught.

3. Reservation on caste basis is totally wrong attitude :

Backwardness is measured by the citizens financial status, can be helped, only when he /she is in merits along with general category, otherwise soon the country is filled with stupids at higher places....

4. The religious heads, of respective religions are living as feudal kings, enjoying the seats, and exploit their followers. The Human-gods, have no time to uplift this Nation's Spiritualism,... they sit in their, seats well tied, no contact with the citizens, and great pleasure in awakening the west, this is nothing but accumulating dollars....

These religious men is not conducting themselves as Sri Swami Adi Sankaracharya who toured this Nation on foot, and made this country, uplifted from darkness, and maintained "Sanatanadarmam" in its holy place.

It is not the job of spiritual gurus, to run hospital, educational institutions  and  so on like a corporate establishments.

To day , the Maths, Ashrams,etc,. Temple, Church and Mosque are behaving like Corporates with huge funds at their disposals....

This is no use when the character of the population,  is  low and decaying, with many in  all ages, immersed in criminal  activities, etc......

One country is respected by how her women and children are living, the Nation is inflicting self injury by many child abuses, and molestation/rapes of women, culprits not punished as corrupted lawyers living by criminals....stop this should be the country's motto

Foreign funds must be regulated through banks only and Government having a record of this, may control the Evil activities....

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