PM is pulled down and his good efforts are tarnished with side effects ( poisonous ) by deeds of few as under..




Sub : Bharatham in progressing path : PM - Works hard with new generation ideas, along with our traditions...

Ref : PM is pulled down and his good efforts are tarnished with side effects ( poisonous )  by deeds of few as under..

1. The BJP party member's self goals.....

2.  The NDA partners, such as Shiv sena and other meaningless  senas, and  sabhas  under  the name  of  Hindus...

3.  Many so called hindu organisations who are nothing to do with Hinduism, as these groups  have no idea of  Hinduism / Sanatana Dharma

4. For  Incidents  in  the states  :  PM is blamed for no reason...

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

1. But this efforts are spoiled by by few rotten BJP members ( MPs  and MLAs )..

2. The brainless shiv sena, like many dirty groups, so  also as many sabhas in the name of Hindus,  RSS, its  mouth piece the panchajanyam, with stupid announcements, and many more..

3. The dirty games of Congressmen, Communists,   and  regional, communal, scattered one leader parties  blaming PM  AND  BJP  for  each and  every  incidents  happening  in  the  federal  governments jurisdictions, J&K, HARYANA.  Delhi, UP, Karnataka,  Bihar,  ....where here Chief ministers of these states  are responsible for the incidents

4. No support from spoke-persons of BJP   in  and  out Parliament,  or the President of this party, When a member talks stupid way, either the the party president, or person leading the ruling party in the parliament has to control warn such things.

5. Disorders happening one after the other, without any control on anybody, PM suffers automatically and his efforts gone to mud without noticed...

6. Late actions are not  forgiven, and the image build up by good governance, is tarnished by the pary members  themselves, again the PM suffer..

7. The elected  representatives are totally unfit to represent the people of this holy Nation, and the Parliament suffers.

8. Ruling a Nation, is a team-work, headed by a Captain, here the Captain is Sri MODI,  his team is not marching  forward along with him, but pulling him down, by team's  own faults.

9. If the team is to win, certain disciplinary  actions necessary, weak player has to be replaced from reserve benches and boost the team.

10. The team Coach  i.e, Party president's duty and the PM himself ( as Captain ) to move forward and remove the unfit from the team.

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