Dr . KS.Bhagavan of Karnataka, his critisism on Swami Adi Sankaracharya and Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( Chapter-9. Slokam-32.) Part-2.




Sub : - Ignorance, misunderstanding of the Scripture

Ref : - 1. Dr . KS.Bhagavan of Karnataka, his critisism on Swami Adi Sankaracharya and Srimad Bhagavad-Gita ( Chapter-9. Slokam-32.)

2. His interview in Print media ( Mthrubhumi daily sunday supplement 04/10/2015)

All Members,

Respected family members of this great holy Nation.

Part-2. My View Points !!!

1. In the interview : Dr K S Bhagawan says -he published a book in the year of 1982.

2. The book is about Sri Swami Sankaracharya and his Sankara Dharsanam ( Adviada-Sidantam ).

3. Advaidam means "not two, but ONE and only", i.e "Jivatma and Paramatma not two entities but One only".

4. But during Sankara's life, he did not follow his own theory :

a) Dr. KS. Bhagawan quotes examples :-

b) Once when Sankara was travelling, a candala came before, then Sankara was shouting to stay aside to enable him to pass through the path.

5. Secondly Sankara said that sudra-s should not be allowed to study Veda-s, and Dr. KS. Bhagawan adding many words, insulting Sankaracharya.

The university degrees and Doctorates, do not make a person Spiritually enlightened, and is not qualified to criticise Sankaracharya.

This shows his lack of dignity about the meaning and values of our scriptures.

In the above candala incident Dr. Bhagawan is wrong, When Sankara was very young , aged 12, this happened.

Swamiji's Advaida philosophy came later, not before this incident, Lord Siva to test Sankara, appeared in candala's disguise , when Sankara recognised his folly, he bowed low to the candala ,
 and the divine vision slowly disappeared ( after blessing Sankara for his mission)

6. The 'Alasatha/ Alasyam' ( carelessness/laziness ) and 'Jaddaprkrati' ( nature of unmoving stone/ dead matter/ inaction, etc ) of mind is indicated by the word 'sudra.'

7. The field of mind, is ploughed and mixed with 'Dushpravanathas' ( bad/ugly/dirty components) is the 'Prabavasthanam' ( source/ place of origin ) to Laziness, resting,unmoving dead matter like, etc ( Sudratvam ).

8. This is the reason when a person has Sudratvam, he/she is not eligible to study Veda-s, Please tell me what is wrong in this statement.

9. Here this person with his high academic qualification fails to understand the truth, because of ignorance clouds his mind.

10. There are many highly educated and well known people in this country, that too Hindus defame the religion and its scriptures without any shame.

11. There are many instances, one such is Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar ( Babasaheb ) who also missed the essence of Chapter 4. Slokam-13.of Gita ( catur Varenyam ).

12. Even our Father of Nation Mahatma, misunderstood Chapter-2. Slokam-47 of Gita ( "Karmanyevadikarasthe ...)

Note : -

1. Request to study our Scriptures correctly under a Spiritual teacher who is qualified, to be a Guru.

2. Without sufficient knowledge do not utter any foolish statements.

3. Our Bharatham is a holy Nation with the blessings of Great Rishi-s, Sadguru-s, Acharya-s, Do not insult them,

4. We are happened to born in this country, is a great boon, and maintain it.


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